Best Spooky Halloween Apps

You know what's really scary? Your workload. Why not take a break with some of this year's best Halloween apps?

by / October 31, 2012

Halloween is here! And for the festive technology fans out there, put together a list of the best Halloween apps for 2012. Here are some of them.

The Scary Sounds app is an app that (you're not going to believe this) ... plays scary sounds. Sounds included have names like “Barking and Growling,” “Demonic Laughter” and “Night Sounds.” The Scary Sounds app is available for free in the iTunes store.

The Digital Dudz app has several different graphics and animations that are meant to be displayed in conjunction with different costume ideas. A beating heart animation is intended to be paired with a latex prosthetic also sold by the app developer to give the impression that the costume wearer's beating heart can be seen through a wound in his chest. Another costume idea includes using the phone to create a “moving eye” effect in conjunction with certain t-shirts designed for pairing with the app. More information can be found on

Another free iOS app, called Halloween City, allows the user to build a virtual city filled with witches and ghosts, and strange hybrid monsters and creatures. If you decide to check this game out and anyone asks why you're wasting time with a silly game instead of working, just tell them you're studying the dynamics of neighboring zombie communities and harnessing Big Data to increase witch productivity. The game can be downloaded on the iTunes store, here.

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Image courtesy of the Halloween City iPhone app