Big City Metrics Go Local

A new startup is offering data analytics software for small municipalities normally only seen in big governments.

by / November 16, 2012

A new startup is offering data analytics software to smaller municipalities that could once only look at the tools of larger cities with envy. The startup, called Revelstone, released a web-based application called Compass that local governments can use to track things like 911 response time and compare their metrics with other municipalities.

"The economy has been ruthless, and the new norm is do more with less. No municipality has the same resources they had in the past. They either cut down or find ways to get more efficient," Revelstone COO Mark Nelson said, in a report on "There’s a Moneyball effect going on. We need to turn our attention to tracking data and having data-driven discussions."

A recent participant in Code For America's civic startup accelerator, Revelstone has now entered the marketplace with its software for local governments. About 20 small cities have adopted Compass since launching last year, mostly in New Jersey where the company is located.

After filling out a profile with information about the municipality, a government can begin gathering data. The software points out what the municipality could be doing better and provides comparisons with municipalities that share certain characteristics.