Cameras Are Stars of Toledo PD's ORION Project

Toledo Police installed 40 new surveillance cameras around the city as part of an intelligence-led policing initiative.

by / November 2, 2012

A new crime center is at the heart of an intelligent policing initiative in Toledo, Ohio. Unveiled Nov. 1, the $1.6 million project allows police to monitor real-time surveillance feeds from 40 cameras recently installed in high-crime and high-traffic neighborhoods. 

The crime center, in a downtown Toledo office building, is monitored by sworn police personnel. The Toledo PD calls the cameras and the monitoring center the "ORION" project, which stands for Observation Research and Intelligence Operation Network.

According to a report on, the department plans to install another 42 cameras by the end of the year. Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs said that eventually, the city plans to have a total of 150 to 160 surveillance cameras around the city.

Diggs said the cameras and the crime center are evidence of the city's commitment to using technology to address crime in the city. "The first thing I said we're going to do is be bold and ambitious. And part of that ambitious plan is to institute what I call intelligence-led, data-driven policing," he explained.