Opinion: Government and Technology Are Made for Each Other

Technology companies don't just have a civic responsibility to engage government, their relationship is a natural inevitability.

by / November 1, 2012

Leaders of the tech industry have a responsibility to get involved in government projects, says sf.citi Chairman and angel investor Ron Conway in an opinion piece for Tech Crunch. Regulations that impede innovation and tax policies that affect the growth of the tech sector demonstrate that government has a direct impact on the technology world, Conway wrote.

It's with this in mind that Conway established sf.citi, an organization of more than 350 San Francisco-based technology companies. The six focuses of sf.citi are education, public safety, transportation, job creation, policy and philanthropy. Member companies team up with government agencies specializing in each focus area in order to improve operations, provide funding and create jobs, he explained.

Conway rallied for readers to support Proposition E on the November 6 ballot in San Francisco, which would create incentives for job growth.“The future of our city depends on partnerships,” Conway wrote. “Government cannot do it alone and business, non-profits, and citizens need to play a role in developing solutions to historic problems facing our community. This is exactly why we established sf.citi, and is exactly what the coalition behind Proposition E represents.”