Photo of the Week - Harvest Dome 2.0

After the first dome crashed into Rikers Island in 2012, a new piece of recycled art was constructed from broken umbrellas and used soda bottles.

by Noelle Knell / August 6, 2013
Looking skyward from Harvest Dome 2.0, constructed from broken umbrellas and 2-liter soda bottles. Amanda Schachter

A 24-foot metallic sphered dome now floats on the Harlem River in New York City -- Harvest Dome 2.0, assembled by Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi of SLO Architecture. Intended to focus attention on the city's waterways, the structure was built using 450 broken umbrellas discarded by users and is supported by 128 2-liter soda bottles. As tides change, water will carry the dome to rest on nearby mudflats.

As its name suggests, the Harvest Dome 2.0 replaces the first prototype, which met an untimely fate in 2012 when the canoes that carried it lost control of the structure. According to reports, the first dome drifted to Rikers Island, where it was destroyed by prison officers.

A Kickstarter campaign, led by Schachter, raised the money to rebuild the dome.