Photo of the Week - Electronic Skin

Scientists have created paper-thin electronic skin that lights up in response to touch and pressure.

by Noelle Knell / July 30, 2013

University of California scientists have created bendable electronic skin that uses lights to react to stimuli like touch and pressure, according to a report in the Daily Mail. Researchers, including UC Berkeley associate professor of electrical engineering and computer sciences Ali Javey, say one potential use could be to help restore feeling to people with prosthetic limbs.

The "e-skin" is made from a thin layer of plastic melted onto a silicon strip, which is then adhered to flexible electronic circuits. Once the plastic hardens, it is removed. Each pixel in the sample prototype contains a semiconductor carbon nanotube transistor, an organic light emitting diode and a pressure sensor.

Javey and his team also think that e-skin could be used to give realistic skin and touch capabilities to robots.