Photo of the Week: Night Skies Without Light Pollution

Photographer Thierry Cohen rids cityscapes of their electric lighting and reintroduces the stars hidden under all that light pollution.

by / January 8, 2013

Going camping far from city lights is always such a treat -- once the sun goes down, we get an eye-opening view of the night sky and its roughly 100 billion stars.

But what if the night sky looked like that even in the middle of New York or San Franciso? That's what photographer Thierry Cohen set out to show in his Darkened Skies series. 

To show what darkened cities with vibrant night skies might look like, Cohen traversed the globe; he matched large metropolises with deserted spots like the Mojave and the Amazon according to their latitudinal alignment, Architizer reported. "He photographed the cities by day to capture the silhouette of their skylines, then darkened them in post-production. He then dropped in the more vibrant skies he found in places like the Western Sahara behind blacked-out skyscrapers."

The results are what you see below. All photos by Thierry Cohen.



San Francisco

Rio de Janiero

Hong Kong