By inputting a New York City address, NYC residents can use the NYC Solar Map (click here for larger image) to estimate the solar energy potential for every building in NYC’s five boroughs. This map is the world’s largest LiDAR-based solar map, and highlights existing solar installations; displays real-time solar energy production; and shows the user the costs, incentives, and payback period for investing in solar.

 “The release of the solar map is another example of New York City’s commitment to supporting the development of solar energy as part of PlaNYC,” said Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith said in a release. “By putting valuable data and analysis at the public’s fingertips, the solar map will allow New Yorkers to better understand the potential impact that pursuing solar energy can have on the power grid."

Jessica Mulholland  |  Web Editor/Photographer

Jessica Mulholland has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years. She was previously the editor of Emergency Management magazine, and she loves that she can incorporate her passion for photography into her work as a part of the Government Technology editorial team. Jessica can be reached at on Twitter and on Google+.