What better way is there to discuss and share ideas about open government than at a loosely-scheduled weekend "unconference" called TransparencyCamp? At the fourth annual TCamp, held this past weekend, more than 250 tech entrepreneurs, journalists, government employees and nonprofit reps gathered near Washington, D.C., to talk about increasing government transparency online.

In a couple of TransparencyCamp sessions, some campers -- and even some session leaders -- did not want their input to be on the record. One camper even left a session when my editor and I introduced ourselves.

Off-the-record requests? At a transparency unconference? Ellen Miller, co-founder and executive director of the Sunlight Foundation, says there are valid and logical reasons for such privacy, even in the realm of transparency.

Above: A presenter shares information about Civic Commons at the Ignite Session on Sunday May 1.

Photo by Nicko Margolies, the Sunlight Foundation



Jessica Mulholland  |  Web Editor/Photographer

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