A Web and iPhone app is bringing vintage typography into the digital age -- by allowing users to snap photos of the throwback fonts and upload them for display on a map.

Fontly, as the app is appropriately called, allows users to traverse the globe, so to speak, but allowing them to see signs in various cities around the globe, such as the one above of Payne's Furniture in Nashville, and the photo below of the Creme Cirage a la Cire in Provence, France.

The app also helps preserve an incredibly important aspect of the world’s visual heritage.

Photo of Payne's Furniture sign in Nashville via Fontly/JeremyElrod; photo of the Creme Cirage a la Cire in Provence, France via Fontly/ostromentsky

Jessica Mulholland  |  Web Editor/Photographer

Jessica Mulholland has been a writer and editor for more than 10 years. She was previously the editor of Emergency Management magazine, and she loves that she can incorporate her passion for photography into her work as a part of the Government Technology editorial team. Jessica can be reached at jmulholland@govtech.com@jbronwen on Twitter and on Google+.