Census Bureau App Helps Find Your Ideal Place to Dwell

Plug in some basic likes and dislikes, and this app tells you where you should be living.

by / December 5, 2013

A new app called dwellr, developed by the Census Bureau, can help consumers orient themselves to their current location, and any other location they might be interested in.

Screenshot of Census Bureau app DwellrThe tool can provide a demographic profile of any geographic location within the U.S., including statistics like racial diversity, population and education level. In addition, based on your desired lifestyle and preferences, it suggests several locations you might want to consider for your next move.

Just plug in some personal details, like whether you prefer city to suburb or coast to mountains, marital status, ideal job and so on, and wait for the results. The app aligns your preferences with data from the American Community Survey and pairs you with up to 25 compatible areas.
Application programming interface access to Census Bureau data, including the American Community Survey results used to build this app, is available on the Census.gov website.