Communication You Can Count On

One doesn’t have to look past the latest newspaper headline to know how critical the role of emergency responders is to the protection and safety of our communities. However, challenges, mainly when it comes to communication, often stand in the way of first responders performing their jobs effectively. Government Technology spoke with Scot Smith, industry solutions manager/engineer at Sprint, about how Sprint’s innovative layered approach to communications is providing emergency response agencies with more than just interoperability — and completely revolutionizing the way first responders collaborate and serve the public.

How One CLEAR Customer Collected $2 Million in Revenue

Did you know that 1 in 9 people in the U.S. move every year? Vivian Gosnell, a supervisor in the Tax Assessor’s Office of Horry County, South Carolina knows the value of having updated information at her fingertips.

How Do you Fight Tax Fraud Infographic

Community boundaries are blurred. Technology is changing rapidly. Without comprehensive information and technologies that allow you to see a complete picture of a person or business, fraud and data inaccuracies are going to continue to outpace your ability to keep up.

The 'Gig Economy' for Government: It's Not What You Think

Download this paper to learn more about a special portion of the gig economy, "gig for government," and how agencies can engage risk-free with these professionals as W-2 workers, monitor their performance and collect data on their activities.

Key Elements to Successful High Volume Distributed Card Issuance

Achieving Increased Productivity, Reliability and Security in Organizations Employing Distributed Credentials Issuance

Case study: State of Louisiana Saves $70 Million in IT Consolidation

Learn how the State of Louisiana is undergoing legacy consolidation and modernization efforts to improve efficiencies, cut costs and enhance service delivery to its core set of customers - the state agencies and citizens.

Uniting Past, Present and Future Data Needs

State and local governments strive to meet growing IT demands while managing costs and reducing risks. This whitepaper helps you evaluate your infrastructure to support constituents and agency missions better.

Emergency Medical Services: New Roles, New Tools

In an era of unprecendented demand, EMS needs to be a full participant in the health information exchange (HIE), and have a unified view of operations, supporting better decisions. This thought leadership provides view into industry challenges and how an integrated IT platform can address HIE.

Extending IT Services to Business Process Automation

This case study explores Howard County, Md.’s vision to turn its cloud-based IT support system into a solution for streamlining business processes and citizen requests. Download it now to learn how the county scaled its platform to automate operations and steps your agency can take to do the same

Operations Tech: Cutting Costs, Improving Service

Stop wasting time and money struggling with legacy technology. Read this white paper to get up to speed on modern solutions, and learn how operations management technology can help your team reduce costs, break data silos, and improve service.

Automation: Optimizing Your Crisis Management Plan

Nature waits for no one. That's why it's important to get an effective crisis management plan in place now. Learn more about how smart, automated software can help your department create a strong plan you can rely on in this government guide.