Communication You Can Count On

One doesn’t have to look past the latest newspaper headline to know how critical the role of emergency responders is to the protection and safety of our communities. However, challenges, mainly when it comes to communication, often stand in the way of first responders performing their jobs effectively. Government Technology spoke with Scot Smith, industry solutions manager/engineer at Sprint, about how Sprint’s innovative layered approach to communications is providing emergency response agencies with more than just interoperability — and completely revolutionizing the way first responders collaborate and serve the public.

Moving to Agile

Now more than ever, governments must adopt nimble processes that enable them to build better and more responsive services. A growing number of officials believe agile methodology can help them achieve this. This report details the challenges around agile and the best practices that agile veterans rely on to help ensure success.

The Practitioners Guide to Enterprise Mobile Security

Learn best practices for enabling productivity and reducing risk with modern-enterprise mobile security strategies, including important implementation, deployment, and adoption tips for IT managers.

Propelling Printing Into the 21st Century

Read this case study to learn how the city of Thornton, Colo., capitalized on an all-in-one solution for print, scan, and device management.

From Device to Data: Creating an Efficient Workflow with Security in Mind in State and Local Government

This infographic highlights some common areas of potential vulnerabilities in a government employee’s digital workflow. It also shows the access controls and security features that can be layered on to help enhance document protection, increase efficiencies, and support compliance obligations - allowing an agency to focus on its core mission of improving constituent services.

Strengthening Overlooked Points of Data Security

Download this issue brief to learn how government IT departments can help improve data protection, security practices, and workflows across their organizations by taking a fresh look at print management.

Building Smarter, Safer Railways

This white paper includes rail and the smart city, rail safety opportunities, smart rail technologies and the future of smart railways.

Smart City, Safe City

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are transforming the way vehicles move through busy cities and traffic corridors. How can the latest technology be applied to make roads and crosswalks safer for the people in your cities on your roads?

How to Succeed with Performance-Based Budgeting in Local Government

Successfully implementing a performance-based budgeting system requires careful planning, thoughtful execution and robust training - before, during and after the rollout. Download this paper to learn about best practices that can help your agency improve its chance of success.

Transforming Citizen Communications

Download this case study to learn how Contra Costa’s new cloud-based, geo-redundant solution has helped the county improve functionality for a more prosperous future.

City of Fayetteville Uses Cameras For Analytics

What if your security cameras could provide more than just surveillance? Learn how the city of Fayetteville is using Cisco Meraki MV security cameras to provide intelligence and enhanced analytics so they can make informed citywide decisions.