Are CIO-Led Organizations Endangered?

State and local governments are questioning the need for large, centralized, costly IT departments.

by / March 15, 2011
Dan Lamont


In Washington state, a new $300 million data center is being called “a monument to the old ways of doing things.” Some would like to see the state put more emphasis on outsourcing or sharing services with a third party. One person who shares this view is Washington state Rep. Reuven Carlyle, shown above outside the state's new data center, who has a background in software and mobile technology markets. He figures the state will need only 10 percent of the center’s space and would like to see the rest of the site used by local governments and universities. “We have excess capacity here,” he says. “We have to be creative in how we use that space for the maximum return on investment.”

Washington isn’t the only place that needs a fresh viewpoint — on the whole, CIOs will have to change in order to survive. Read more at Governing magazine, which looks at whether CIO-led organizations ultimately are in danger. 

Photo by Dan Lamont