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How Terrorists' Use of Social Media Points to the Future

What can we learn from the tragic global events of the past 10 days? The use of social media is front and center in tracking online and offline crimes, especially terrorist activity. How can we prepare for tomorrow?

A photo published on social media with the caption: "By the time the world sees this face it will be too late." Over 100 people are reported dead in a series of shootings and explosions in Paris. At the Bataclan concert hall, gunmen took hostages and killed them off one by one before blowing themselves up with suicide belts when police began to intervene. The country has declared a national state of emergency. Paris, France - night of 13-14 November 2015./JOLYLEWIS_lewisjoly456025/Credit: LEWIS JOLY/SIPA/1511140531 (Sipa via AP Images)


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3D Government: How Will Augmented Reality (AR) Disrupt the Future of Technology?

Bold claims are again being made by hot new startups and the technology giants about the coming age of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. While most of the focus has been on gaming, retail and travel, the impact for governments could be huge. Here’s why.

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Good Questions Regarding Online Threats

What are the top cyberthreats currently impacting public- and private-sector enterprises? Here are the questions that cybersecurity industry experts are talking about.

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Inaugural Global Automotive Cybersecurity Summit Coming to Detroit

A new cutting-edge technology event with cybersecurity solutions for connected and autonomous cars is being organized by Billington CyberSecurity. The cyber summit will include CEOs in the auto industry as well as top government and technology leaders from around the world.

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Beyond Spear Phishing: How to Address Whaling and More

First, there was phishing … then came spear phishing … and now there is whaling — and other new sophisticated social engineering techniques. The bad guys are modifying their deceptive practices. Here’s what you need to know.

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Book Review: Cybersecurity for Everyone

How do you secure your home or small business network? A recently released book by Terence L. Sadler offers practical, helpful answers.

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State Technology Leaders Focus on Procurement, Cybersecurity and Agile

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) held their Midyear Conference in Baltimore this past week. There were plenty of hot topics on the agenda, including: enabling innovation through agile software development, the continuing need for procurement reform and a big push on cybersecurity.

NASCIO Midyear Conference 2016 in Baltimore - credit: Lohrmann


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7 Reasons You Should Care if the United Kingdom (UK) Leaves the European Union (EU)

On June 23, the world will be watching as the citizens of the UK decide whether to remain in the EU. The ramifications of this vote go far beyond Great Britain or Europe. History shows us that American interests and our future security are directly tied to this “special relationship.” Here’s why you should care what happens.

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Will a Smartphone Replace Your PC?

Will you buy another desktop computer or laptop? Or, can your smartphone meet your technology needs? Should your business continue buying PCs? The IT infrastructure industry is divided, but the answer affects more than you think. Here’s why.



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Autism and Technology: What Can Governments Do?

April is Autism Awareness Month, and there are plenty of new developments to highlight. The number of private-sector initiatives is amazing, but can governments do more? What can innovative technologies do to aid early intervention for autism spectrum disorders? Currently technology is playing a significant role for adults with autism. That being said, should governments be doing more to hire and help these talented individuals with technical skills? Here’s my view.