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Can computer security be easier? It depends

Quick Pop Quiz: Don't worry, this will be easy.

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14 Predictions on Government IT for 2014

7 Predictions for optimists and 7 predictions for pessimists for government IT in 2014.

Predictions 2014

As we head into 2014, there has never been a greater divergence between the optimists and pessimists in society on a wide range of issues. Government technology, infrastructure and cybersecurity topics are no exception to this wide-ranging online debate regarding our future. READ MORE

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More bandwidth please: Why consumer trust is at stake in the battle for control of Internet's pipes

New global fiber, with faster pipes, and end-to-end deliver, owned by tech giants like Google, are a central part of the plan to deliver trust.

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Reviewing 2013 cyber news: Snowden is the top story

2013 was another eventful year in the brief history of cyberspace - with more online holiday shopping, more spear-phishing, some big government project failures and more virtual surprises than ever before.

Snowden demonstrationCredit: Associated Press/J. Scott Applewhite

  2013 was another eventful year in the brief history of cyberspace - with more online holiday shopping, more spear-phishing, some big technology successes, a few government project failures and more virtual surprises than ever before. READ MORE

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The Top 2014 Government IT Headache: Windows XP Migration

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As 2014 priority lists are drawn up for government technology teams around the world, migrating off of the Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system is at or near the top of the list for many public-sector organizations. The problem is that too many organizations aren’t ready and will miss the April 8, 2014 end of life deadline for XP migration. READ MORE

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What's next for mobile payments?

A few years back, experts predicted that the smartphone would replace the wallet by now. The trouble is, most of these predictions were way too optimistic.

Google Wallet

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Top five mistakes new IT security leaders make

What traps do new security leaders face? How can they avoid them? Where can they go for help?

The new security leader

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The good, bad and ugly - with tips to help online

Everyone loves a deal. And geeks, nerds, government technology staff and cyber pros especially like deals on new technology.

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Five reasons security is back as the top CIO priority

A familiar hot topic is back in the #1 priority slot for state CIOs. But why is cybersecurity back at the top of the 'must do' list?

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Why do many big IT projects fail in government?

As the eyes of the entire nation are focused on whether will regroup and still be successful. Skeptical citizens are raising wider questions on big government IT projects once again.

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