July 21, 2013    /    by

No Service: When the Internet goes down on vacation

No service? My Verizon connection has great all week why now? Something was wrong.

July 15, 2013    /    by

What is the next big thing in technology?

Enquiring minds typically want to know: What is the next big thing in technology? The nice thing about that question is that you can go almost anywhere with the answer.

July 7, 2013    /    by

Will stronger EU penalties deter cybercrime?

Early this week the European Union (EU) mandated national maximum sentences of at least two years in prison for attempting to illegally access information systems. Will these tougher penalties deter cybercrime?

June 29, 2013    /    by

Insider Threats Take Center Stage

Are insiders or outsiders the greatest IT threat to enterprise security? Lately, the pendulum seems to be swinging towards the insider threat.

June 24, 2013    /    by

An Interview with Teri Takai on FirstNet

Ms. Teresa M. (Teri) Takai, who is the CIO for the United States Department of Defense (DoD), has been an exceptional leader in government for more than a decade. She served as state government CIO in both Michigan and California before joining DoD as CIO in 2010. Ms. Takai was appointed to the FirstNet Board of Directors in August 2012.

June 17, 2013    /    by

Free BYOD Webinar: Keeping Your Data Safe in a Mobile World

There is a free webinar coming up on the topic of BYOD. The online event will be on Tuesday, June 18, at 2 PM (EST).

June 16, 2013    /    by

Edward Snowden is No Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Do the ends justify the means in the case of Edward Snowden disclosing classified NSA secrets to the world? I think not.

June 9, 2013    /    by

How to decipher NSA data mining: Examine capabilities and intentions

The news media this week was full of articles describing the U.S. government's role in gathering, mining and analyzing big data from nine leading U.S. Internet companies in order to stop terrorism. Where is this capability going?

June 3, 2013    /    by

States' top cyber challenge remains spear phishing

Yes, spear phishing is hot all over the USA - very hot. In fact, this threat may be #1 on the list.

May 27, 2013    /    by

Cyberwear Privacy: How Will Google Glasses and Wearable Technology Transform Society?

For those who worry that individual privacy rights and personal freedoms are already being eroded by the Internet and new technology hold on to your virtual safety belts. Many experts are predicting almost everything will be recorded in public in the near future with wearable tech, whether you like it or not.