November 19, 2012    /    by

My Best Advice After Petraeus Emails

Everyone is talking about the General David Petraeus scandal. But what I find most intriguing are the articles, blogs and opinions analyzing what all of this means for the rest of us who use technology with a special emphasis on redoubling efforts to protect email privacy. So here is my best advice.

November 12, 2012    /    by

Introducing the Michigan Cyber Range

I'd like to introduce our new Michigan Cyber Range which was formally launched on Friday, November 9, 2012.

November 4, 2012    /    by

Security News Roundup: S.C. Breach, Possible Executive Order and Perhaps a Cyber Treaty

We currently have several important security stories and not much public attention.

October 31, 2012    /    by

Tropical Storm Sandy Slams Networks

The impact of Tropical Storm Sandy is being felt far and wide.

October 23, 2012    /    by

NASCIO and Deloitte Publish New 2012 Cybersecurity Survey for State Governments

Day 2 at the NASCIO annual meeting, and one hot topic is the new Cybersecurity survey results that were released this morning called

October 22, 2012    /    by

NASCIO Conference Day 1

Here are some of my highlights from the first day at the NASCIO Conference in San Diego

October 19, 2012    /    by

NASCIO Annual Conference 2012

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) is holding their annual conference in San Diego this year from October 21-24, 2012.

October 18, 2012    /    by

Will Patch Tuesday Ever End?

Patch Tuesday is just around the corner, and I feel an urge to rant.

October 14, 2012    /    by

Iranian hackers blamed for massive new cyberattacks

Senior officials in the U.S. government believe that Iranian hackers are responsible for a new wave of significant cyberattacks. What does this mean?

October 8, 2012    /    by

From Cyberbully To Responsible Cybercitizen To Online Ambassador For Good

What actions steps can we take to improve cyberethics at home and work?