December 30, 2012    /    by

A Summary of The Top 2013 Cybersecurity Predictions

Over the past week, Ive been surfing the Net looking for blogs and articles that both recap online security trends from the past year as well as offer new cybersecurity predictions for the coming year. Heres a summary of what Ive seen thats memorable so far.

December 23, 2012    /    by

After Newtown: Should Government Security Also Change?

As we head into the heart of the holiday season, our thoughts and prayers still turn towards the families and devastated communities following the horrible events in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

December 16, 2012    /    by

Defining a National Doctrine on Cybersecurity

Do we need such a national doctrine on cybersecurity? If so, what needs to be included? How will the rest of the world view this doctrine? Can a cyberdoctrine help guide our actions?

December 9, 2012    /    by

Cooperative Purchasing: WSCA Joining Forces with NASPO Makes a Powerful Contract Team

Ever since the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) was formed in the October 1993 by the state purchasing directors from fifteen states, governments have been saving millions of dollars through cooperative purchasing.

December 2, 2012    /    by

2012 Review: Most Significant Data Breaches

What were the top government data breaches in the USA in 2012 (so far)? It appears that this year will be remembered more for state and local breach headlines than for federal government breaches.

November 26, 2012    /    by

Is BYOD Really Cheaper?

More and more companies and governments are implementing technology policies that allow their staff to bring your own device to work (or BYOD). But is BYOD really cheaper for governments?

November 19, 2012    /    by

My Best Advice After Petraeus Emails

Everyone is talking about the General David Petraeus scandal. But what I find most intriguing are the articles, blogs and opinions analyzing what all of this means for the rest of us who use technology with a special emphasis on redoubling efforts to protect email privacy. So here is my best advice.

November 12, 2012    /    by

Introducing the Michigan Cyber Range

I'd like to introduce our new Michigan Cyber Range which was formally launched on Friday, November 9, 2012.

November 4, 2012    /    by

Security News Roundup: S.C. Breach, Possible Executive Order and Perhaps a Cyber Treaty

We currently have several important security stories and not much public attention.

October 31, 2012    /    by

Tropical Storm Sandy Slams Networks

The impact of Tropical Storm Sandy is being felt far and wide.