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Two New Cybersecurity Reports Offer Legislative Opportunities and Data Breach Scenarios

This is a tale of two studies. The first report from the Governing Institute was sponsored by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and AT&T, and covers the intriguing results of a state government legislative survey on cyber. The second reports offers a “Data Breach Digest” from Verizon which elaborates on 18 different data breach scenarios worth considering. Both reports are free and bring excellent recommendations and worthwhile opportunities.

Credit: Governing Institute


March 6, 2016    /    by

Security Trends From RSA Conferences

As I flew back to Michigan after another RSA Conference this week, I thought about the highlights, takeaways and major themes in the security industry right now. At the same time, I couldn’t help but look back and reflect on the past several RSA Conferences in San Francisco on a personal level. Bottom line: These RSA Conferences tell quite a bit about where we have been and where are we heading in cyberspace — on both a personal and industry level.

The front of Moscone Center in San Francisco this past week.


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The Biggest Trouble with Smartphones

Everybody loves their smartphone, with global adoption soaring and new helpful apps popping up daily. Faster speeds, new models and plenty of competition to lower prices make your mobile device the center of technology innovation. But is there an ‘Achilles Heel’ to watch out for? The answer is yes — and here’s what you can do to help protect yourself.



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Book Review: 'Hacked Again'

Scott Schober is small business owner who tells intriguing stories about how his company was hacked — and what happened next. This easy-to-read book is a good primer on the importance of online security for business owners, but it also shows how easily identity theft can happen to anyone, even a cybersecurity expert. Best of all, this book offers practical security advice with helpful steps that we all can follow to secure our corner of cyberspace.

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Can 'Hacking Back' Be An Effective Cyber Answer?

With the exponential growth in data breaches over the past few years, the concept of ‘hacking back’ is growing in popularity. Proponents ask: If I can use a gun for self-defense in my home, why can’t I similarly ‘hack back’ against attackers who invade my cyberspace? Let’s examine that premise from different perspectives.

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Help! When ‘Things’ Can Send Emails

Does using ‘smart’ devices mean that our inboxes will be even more overflowing with more email? For now, probably.

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Transforming Cyber and Infrastructure Security: An Interview with the DHS Cyber Chief

An exclusive interview with Dr. Phyllis Schneck, deputy under secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Phyllis Schneck, photo credit: U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)


January 24, 2016    /    by

Interview with Will Pelgrin and Phil Reitinger on the New Global Cyber Alliance

What is the new Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)? Why is it important? Here is an exclusive interview with GCA co-founder and chair Will Pelgrin, as well as the new CEO and president of GCA — Phil Reitinger.

Mr. Philip Reitinger, Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) CEO and President. Photo credit: GCA


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‘Anonymous’ Targets Michigan, Activates #OpFlint

#OpFlint promises online attacks against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration in response to the water emergency in the city of Flint.

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Where Next on Internet of Things (IoT) Security?

The 2016 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped-up as the North American International Auto Show sprang into full swing. So what do they tell us about the state of cybersecurity for the exploding Internet of Things (IoT) market?

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx views a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016. AP Photo/Paul Sancya