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Top Strategies from Ohio Government's Technology and Security Leaders

We are continuing the series of interviews with top CIOs and CISOs from around the nation regarding the best state and local government cybersecurity strategies. This week, we turn toward the Buckeye State to learn from two respected executive leaders. At a time when the federal government is reeling from a major OPM data breach, this security discussion has never been more important.

Ohio Leaders

Ohio CIO Stu Davis (left) with CISO David Brown   credit: Ohio State Government READ MORE

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A Life of Lies and Spies: Interview with Author Alan B. Trabue on his Real-Life CIA Adventures

Alan B. Trabue worked for the CIA for over 38 years, and he has hundreds of true stories to tell about domestic and foreign agents and lies and spies. He has just published an amazing book that tells about his career as a covert operations polygraph interrogator with exciting travels all over the world. For anyone who is interested in polygraph exams or for those who are intrigued by the complexities of intelligence operations around the world, you must read this book. Here is a brief book preview and an interview with the author of 'A Life of Lies and Spies.'

Lies and Spies book cover

America loves reading spy-thrillers and watching James Bond movies. From Tom Clancy to Daniel Silva novels and from James Bond to the Bourne film series, we can never seem to get enough action-packed adventure. But it is rare to get a glimpse of what really goes on behind the scenes at the CIA and around the world in the global intelligence community. READ MORE

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Interview with Retiring MS-ISAC Founder Will Pelgrin and Incoming CIS CEO Jane Lute

Will Pelgrin started the MS-ISAC more than a decade ago, and he is a leading voice in government cyberdefense. Tomorrow is his last day with the Center for Internet Security, and I caught up with him and new CEO Jane Lute to discuss the past, the present and the future of global cybersecurity -- especially within governments.

Will Pelgrin

William F. Pelgrin   Credit: Center for Internet Security READ MORE

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Smart Cities Resources: Who, What, When, Where and How?

Everyone is talking about smart cities. And yet, new public- and private-sector questions are emerging as more organizations engage with this global technology megatrend. So how can you take these opportunities to the next level? Who are the leaders within this hot Internet of Things (IoT) category? Which academic studies and white papers offer best practices and the most helpful resources to take your region to the next level? What cyber-risks are emerging? Here are answers and resources to consider.

connected cityMost large urban areas like (and want) the label “smart city,” but what does that really mean? When and where will smarter things start to happen? Who is offering the latest white papers and how can you engage with public- and private-sector organizations? Where can you go for thoughtful answers?

These are just a few of the questions that I wanted to answer as I researched the latest government technology infrastructure trends around the world. I captured some of what I have learned so far in this blog, in the hope that an initial primer will help teams around the world as they investigate best practices within smart cities. READ MORE

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Cyber Terrorism: How Dangerous is the ISIS Cyber Caliphate Threat?

Industry experts disagree on whether the Islamic State’s ability to mount a dangerous cyberattack is a top concern or an emerging online threat or completely overblown. But one thing is not in doubt, ISIS is making news headlines in 2015 for their exploits in cyberspace. In my view, ISIS is an emerging online threat to keep a close watch on. Here’s why.

“The electronic war has not yet begun.”

That was one message released in video on Monday, May 11, 2015, from a hacker group that claimed to be affiliated with the Islamic State. According to the International Business Times: READ MORE

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Federal Cybersecurity Legislation

The latest bills, privacy concerns and information-sharing actions.

This has been a busy few months inside the Washington, D.C., Beltway for policy topics related to cybersecurity. President Obama signed an executive order in February regarding the promotion of private-sector information sharing. The U.S. Congress is now debating several bills, as both sides of the political aisle agree that addressing cybersecurity is an urgent issue.

According to “President Obama recently called cyberattacks a “national emergency,” and the cybersecurity legislation has moved through the Republican-controlled Congress relatively quickly because leaders from both political parties recognize that cybercrime threatens us all in a very big way. Now.” READ MORE

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Middle East Cybersecurity and Infrastructure: Dubai Offers a Different Model

I traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this past week to present the opening keynote at the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference (GISEC 2015) in Dubai. The event offered a refreshing mix of leading global voices on security and technology topics. But most surprising, the Gulf region's public and private sector executive leaders who presented, the companies exhibiting and the amazing city as a whole offered attendees a different perspective and a positive model for the current cybersecurity and technology infrastructure challenges in the Middle East and the world as a whole.

What are the cybersecurity and infrastructure challenges facing the Middle East? How are companies and governments in the region responding to cyberattacks? Are governments in the region working together with Western nations in the global battle on cybercrime? Why is Dubai considered to be a model “smart city” in the world? Is traveling in the Middle East even safe right now? READ MORE

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At RSA Conference 2015: Government Announcements Top Highlights

Attendance records were probably broken, and there were numerous very good sessions. Still, surprisingly, government announcements may have been the highlight of the week.

RSA top

As we look back at another year at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, there was a noticeable absence of the cybersecurity 'WOW-factor.' Yes, the show was as huge, and one might even say overwhelming, as ever. Attendance records were probably broken, and there were numerous very good sessions. Still, surprisingly, government announcements may have been the highlight of the week. READ MORE

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Security is Job One for Washington State Government Technology Leadership

We are continuing the series of interviews with leading state government CIOs and CISOs from around the nation. This week, we turn to Washington state and its security priorities and technology plans.

Michael Cockrill

Washington State Chief Information Officer Michael Cockrill, credit: Washington State Government READ MORE

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Hacking Critical Infrastructure is Accelerating and More Destructive

A new report released this week by Trend Micro and the Organization of American States (OAS) shows a dramatic increase in cyberattacks directed against critical infrastructure owners and operators.

critical infrastructure

Photo Credit: Trend Micro & Organization of American States READ MORE