September 4, 2012    /    by

Should governments target users with online ads?

I noticed ads showing up all over the place asking me to come back to their websites. Whether I was checking baseball scores at ESPN, doing a Google maps search for driving directions or researching a cybersecurity article at various tech websites, the computer browser was beckoning me to return and buy plane tickets, with targeted ads asking me questions. Will governments be next to use targeted ads online?

August 25, 2012    /    by

Personal Password Protection: How to Strengthen Your Security to Avoid Digital Disaster

One of the hot topics at the MS-ISAC Annual Meeting and GFIRST in Atlanta this week was the recent Wired article by Mat Honan entitled: 'How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking.'

August 22, 2012    /    by

GFIRST Conference Atlanta 2012

As in previous years, the GFIRST conference in being held during the same week as the MS-ISAC Annual Meeting and the InfraGard annual meetings. This allows a diverse group of experts from around the country to attend multiple events during one trip.

August 20, 2012    /    by

MS-ISAC Annual Meeting 2012 in Atlanta

I'm at the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, where the state and local government Chief Security Officers (CSOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and many of their top team members have gathered for three days.

August 18, 2012    /    by

Is That Wireless Network Legal?

Back in late June, I wrote about connectivity options while traveling during my vacation in Ocean City, Maryland. The blog was entitled: Vacation WiFi: What Networks Can We Trust? Now, thanks to some emails from an online friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I can offer Part 2 of this story.

August 12, 2012    /    by

Cybermania: How do you spell cyber... everything?

Have you noticed some new words showing up in magazines and newspapers around the country? Words like: cyberattack, cyberwar , cybercrime and cyber... whatever.

August 4, 2012    /    by

India Suffers Worst Power Outage in History: What Can We Learn?

Suddenly, without warning, no power. The blackout spreads. The grid goes down. What can we learn from this?

July 28, 2012    /    by

Could The Olympics Bring Down Your Network? Here's Some Advice

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are here, and the five to eight hour time difference between the mainland USA and the UK may be just the right combination to bust your work network(s).

July 22, 2012    /    by

Game On: The London Olympic Security Teams Can Still Go for the Silver (Lining)

For security pros preparing for this massive undertaking, the unflattering headlines pretty much summed up ongoing security problems. But while gold may be out of reach, the security teams can still go for the silver lining.

July 14, 2012    /    by

Putting a Defensible Deletion Strategy in Place: An Interview with Jim McGann

e-Discovery, information management and the legal aspects associated with enterprise data are hot topics for technology leaders to address with their business customers. But what information governance strategies are legally defensible? What compliance approaches work best in the long run? How can enterprises reduce risk when they save or delete data?