May 28, 2012    /    by

How Do Social Networks Get Hacked? A Lulzsec Case Study

How do social networking sites get attacked by hackers? What methods are used? Why are attacks successful? What can be done to improve security on social networks?

May 20, 2012    /    by

Reinventing (or Removing) Cash Registers with new Shopping Security

Ever since I read Megatrends in 1988, Ive been fascinated by predictions about how technology will alter our daily lives in the near-future. One area that is evolving quickly is our shopping experiences both online and offline.

May 12, 2012    /    by

How Multitasking Hurts Our Productivity

Most of us always trying to do multiple activities at the same time. But is it really working?

May 6, 2012    /    by

Listening to the Noobs on Security - Or Not?

How much attention should cyber pros pay to comments from the "noobs" about technology and security?

April 28, 2012    /    by

Poll: What's Happening With BYOD in Government?

Opinions are all over the map on "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) to work. Here are some viewpoints and a poll.

April 22, 2012    /    by

Dark Clouds Over Technology: Pondering Action After Recent State Government Data Breaches

Over the past few weeks, there have been several high-profile breaches announced involving state government systems - one in South Carolina and one in Utah. My first reaction was to think: There but for the grace of God go we.

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The Business of Security: Why Customer Service Matters More Than You Think - Part 3

So what is the right level of security? How do you know if you have gone too far, or not far enough in protecting critical systems? Do all business functions need the same level of security?

April 14, 2012    /    by

Titanic Mistakes: Five Pragmatic Lessons from Spectacular Technology Failures

Everyone is talking about the sinking of the Titanic and they should be. Here are five lessons for technology and security professionals from the sinking of the Titanic ...

April 9, 2012    /    by

Delivering Cybersecurity With Customer Focus: Who, When, Where and How

So how can this customer service theme work for security professionals? Allow me to tell you a true story.

April 2, 2012    /    by

Customer Service is a Priority for Security Pros Too

Several hundred people had gathered for a second morning to hear the results and ask questions regarding the recently completed Gartner study, which covered all aspects of Michigan Governments Information, Communications and Technology (ICT).