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Tips to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams Online

Another Cyber Monday, and more online sales records will be set. What can you do to protect yourself at home and work?

We have reached another Cyber Monday, with experts reporting that this holiday weekend is breaking all previous records for online shopping. Early projections were that online purchases would account for 44% of total Christmas sales this year. READ MORE

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Michigan Governor Snyder Releases New Cyber Initiative for Next Four Years

The North American International Cyber Summit was held in Detroit's Cobo Hall on Nov. 16-17, 2014, and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled an updated 'Michigan Cyber Initiative 2015.' Here are the details on the event and the new cyber plan that's a model for the nation.

Michigan Governor Snyder at Cyber Summit in Detroit READ MORE

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Securing The Oil & Natural Gas Industries

What can we learn from the annual American Petroleum Institute (API) Cybersecurity Conference in Houston? Many things, but nothing more important than we are all part of the same cyber ecosystem. We sink or swim together in cyberspace.

Admiral Mike McConnell's opening keynote at API Cybersecurity Conference  READ MORE

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Interpreting the Election: What Are the Government Security and Technology Impacts?

Back in the spring of 2014, speculation was already growing about the significant impact that technology and cybersecurity might have on the 2014 midterm elections.

Credit: Rob Crandall /  READ MORE

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Protecting Data in Minnesota: State Government Security Leaders Share New Strategies

The government security leadership series continues with another set of CIO/CISO interviews. This week we travel to Minnesota.

Minnesota CIO / CISO

Minnesota CIO Carolyn Parnell (right) with CISO Chris Buse (left) READ MORE

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Can Big Data Stop Ebola?

As the headlines around the world continue to focus on the spreading Ebola health crisis, how can technology help? Effective answers must take advantage of recent advances in big data.

Big Data

Credit: Shutterstock/Novelo READ MORE

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Job Change Checklist: Seven Things to Consider Before Elections

Once every four years, most state and local governments go through a multi-month period of major upheaval. Regardless of which political party wins in the November midterm elections, major executive turnover usually occurs at the highest levels of government. This fall and winter is one of those times. How can you prepare?

New job sign

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Highlights from the 2014 Wisconsin Cyber Security Summit

Cybersecurity protections in Wisconsin government took another step forward last week with an impressive cyber summit that included Gov. Scott Walker, Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar (the adjutant general in Wisconsin) and security leaders from around the nation and the world.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker  READ MORE

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Cyber Security Awareness Month 2014: The Best and Worst of Times

The 11th annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month kicked off on Oct. 1, with perhaps the biggest set of activities ever planned. But on day two of the festivities, a huge JPMorgan Chase security breach stole the headlines.

NASCIO 2014 Annual Meeting

Phyllis Schneck, deputy under secretary for cybersecurity and communications within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, at NASCIO Annual meeting in Nashville, TN.   photo credit: Dan Lohrmann READ MORE

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The Secrets of Innovation: Government Leaders Need to Think Like Entrepreneurs

The speaker was Facebook VP Vaughan Smith. "We all know that innovation is key to success, but how do we innovate at Facebook? The first key to innovation is moving fast, very fast," he said.


It was Friday night in Northern California, and a large group of international VIPs and event speakers had assembled at the Santa Clara Convention Center for the Welcome Gala Dinner for the 2014 Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneur Forum (SVIEF). READ MORE