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Cloud Security Gets Easier

By the Center for Digital Government

Cloud computing has brought many benefits to state and local government, but like all technology trends, it doesn’t come with any guarantees for success. Security concerns remain one of the biggest stumbling blocks standing between cloud’s ambitious potential and bottom-line benefits. The good news is that new solutions, including cloud-based services for centralized identity management and access controls, are changing the cloud security landscape. These solutions also offer ways for agency IT managers to boost information security, make information management easier and address challenges around governance policies. This Center for Digital Government thought leadership paper, sponsored by Symantec, discusses six of the top IT challenges facing state and local leaders and how cloud computing – with the right security, management and governance controls – can help overcome them.

A Clear Path to Cloud

While federal government leaders understand the benefits of moving to the cloud, several challenges have kept them from taking advantage of this opportunity. This piece discusses these challenges and how a new partnership between VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a simple, straightforward and cost-effective way for agencies to finally leverage the cloud to create a more modern and efficient government.

5 Ways a Mobile Platform Can Change How You Work

Relying on paper documents and tedious spreadsheets is becoming a thing of the past for government operations, and for good reason. Learn what going mobile can do for your department's efficiency and customer service in this guide.

The Advantage of Deploying Dell Rugged PCs

Rugged PCs, which are predominantly used for vertically aligned commercial computing needs, are designed to meet certain stability and reliability standards in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, water, shock, and vibration. Deployed more like infrastructure than traditional commercial PCs in fields like law enforcement, fire and rescue, mining, and oil and gas exploration, rugged PCs are mission critical in these sectors where minimal downtime is a key competitiv

Digital Transformation in the US: Better Ops, Agile Apps, Faster Business

Digital transformation is upon us. Already it has reshaped some industries in dramatic ways, such as transportation, hospitality, and retail. For IT to cope with the acceleration of change and increased demands from more users across the organization, we must start rethinking operations.

Six Steps for Building an IoT-Ready Network

Download this white paper to learn how new cloud-managed network technologies position governments to innovate and shape connected communities in ways that will help their citizens for years to come.

A Platform to Power Government

The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) is a pioneer of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and has developed more than 20 Salesforce apps and demonstrated their success to at least 23 different state and local government and education entities. This approach has allowed the state to rapidly deploy new applications, automate workflows and reduce costs. Download this case study to learn more about how Texas takes advantage of a SaaS approach.

Delivering Information Beyond a Web Page

How can a new approach to content management help governments better serve citzens? In this Q&A, Ben Sebree, CivicPlus® Director of Platform and Technology and Deb McNew, CivicPlus® Senior Client Experience Leader, discuss how new technology for content management and information delivery can help governments meet evolving citizen expectations.

8 Steps to Procuring eProcurement: A Playbook for the Public Sector

eProcurement is gaining widespread attention within the public sector as agencies at all levels begin to evaluate the best technologies to facilitate a full, and future-proof, digital transformation.

Why Procurement is Key to Digital Transformation

State CIOs have made it clear that they are as focused on strict fiscal management as they are on aggressive IT modernization. One can assume there is a direct correlation: States don’t have unlimited funds to execute these large-scope technology projects, but they don’t have the luxury of delaying their digital transformations either.

A Cost Avoidance Study of eGovernment in Maine

Maine.gov uses 156 online government services with interactive features to allow citizens, businesses, and governments to access information and to conduct business the state government remotely. This study details the economic value of eGovernment in Maine realized by state agencies.