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Erie County, N. Y., Uncovers Nearly $1 Million in Overbilling

Mark Sommer, The Buffalo News / September 22, 2017

Kentucky Moves in for Its Cut of Airbnb Sales

Beth Musgrave, Lexington Herald-Leader / September 19, 2017

Wisconsin Senate Passes Foxconn $3 Billion Incentive Deal

Mark Sommerhauser, The Wisconsin State Journal / September 13, 2017

Why California May Not Need to Offer Pricey Tax Breaks to Win Amazon's New Headquarters

Andrew Khouri, Los Angeles Times / September 13, 2017

As U.S. Economy Improves, Cities May Be Headed for Another Downturn

Liz Farmer, Governing / September 12, 2017

Paying for It

/ September 2017
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