Achieving Private Sector Service Levels on a Public Sector Budget

Increasingly, employees, constituents and other stakeholders expect the same high levels of performance and availability from government as they experience when engaging with a for-profit entity. However, legacy systems, staffing shortages and budget limitations often hinder government agencies’ efforts to achieve commercial-grade service levels. This Public CIO thought leadership profile discusses how governments can overcome these obstacles by highlighting the DC Courts’ adoption of HP’s converged infrastructure solution and support services, which is helping it overcome common public sector challenges, meet internal and external user expectations, and scale for the future.

Smart Patching for Smarter Security

Download this issue brief to learn more about automating your patching process and best practices for the public sector to improve security posture, save money and free up time to meet mission goals such as improving citizen service.

Building a Better IT Resiliency Strategy - Step One: Prepare

Download this Q&A to find out what Veritas Information Availability Strategist Doug Snyder says about how the public sector can use software-defined storage to properly secure and manage data, and how the right partnership can help agencies modernize their approach to IT resiliency.

Building a Better IT Resiliency Strategy - Step Two: Respond

Download this Q&A to find out what Veritas Solutions Architect Greg Carter says about how public-sector agencies can implement an effective IT governance strategy to better manage data, reduce risk and respond to resiliency challenges.

Building a Better Resiliency Strategy - Step Three: Adapt

Download this Q&A to find out what Veritas Senior Principal Systems Engineer Scott Warmbier says about how organizations can build an effective backup and recovery infrastructure so they can better adapt to today’s evolving threat environment.

Spear-Phishing Attacks: Why They Are Successful and How to Stop Them

Some of the most notorious cyber crimes in recent history - such as the attacks on major banks, media companies and even security firms - started with just one person clicking on a spear-phishing email.

A Game Plan for Building IT Resiliency

The public sector is a prime target for cyber attacks. And although agencies are upgrading their systems and adopting modern technology solutions, many still rely on legacy systems that weren’t built to combat modern cybersecurity threats. Implementing an IT resiliency strategy is one way agencies can combat today’s IT security threats and better protect, store and manage ever-increasing volumes of data. IT resiliency involves three distinct phases: prepare, respond and adapt. Downlo

Four Questions to Ask When Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing has become a viable option for many public sector organizations. By planning upfront and collaborating with the right partner, public sector organizations can successfully migrate to the cloud, reducing costs while improving productivity and alleviating IT department workloads. Asking the right questions of your cloud provider will help ensure seamless migration. Download this paper to learn more.

Automating Processes for Better Control

Learn how automating IT governance will be particularly important as agencies progress from traditional on-site systems toward cloud-based infrastructure.

Moving to the Cloud Safely

Learn how commercially supported open source solutions - along with expertise and consulting services provided by a strategic partner - also can help local and state agencies invest in this technology priority at a lower cost.

The Small Community's Guide to Asset Management

There must be an easier way to run your small community with confidence and clarity - but where do you begin. From crafting an asset management strategy to performing your initial inventory, this free ebook will guide you every step of the way.