Deriving Insight From Chaos

Government chief information security officers (CISOs) are faced with a seemingly infinite supply of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity: tight budgets, limited resources, hackers, data leaks, compliance and regulatory issues. A recent Center for Digital Government survey of 100 state and local security officials found that only 12 percent of respondents feel that they have sufficient resources to protect their agency against cyber threats, 60 percent say they experienced some form of intrusion/cyber attack in the last year and more than 80 percent expect to face more cybersecurity threats in the next year. Defensive security strategies focus on network traffic, but leave enterprise endpoints – laptops, desktops and servers – vulnerable. This Center for Digital Government issue brief discusses how endpoint security analytics provides intelligence and insight that allows government CISOs to actually predict and prevent undetected and unknown cybersecurity threats.

50 Shades of Dark: Threat Intelligence Reveals Secrets

There is a lot of talk about the dark web these days, not least about how cybercriminals use it to spread malware, leak intellectual property, and publish user account credentials.

Aim Small, Miss Small: Producing a World-Class Threat Intelligence Capability

This paper focuses on critical concepts and practical details, where necessary, to produce a world-class threat intelligence capability from scratch.

Understand Your Attacker: A Practical Guide to Identifying TTPs With Threat Intelligence

This paper will detail the value proposition of identifying attacker TTPs and understanding information source types so that organizations can improve collection strategies, analyze the resulting information, and turn it into a workflow for relevant and timely intelligence reporting.

Effective Ransomware Responses

Download this paper to learn about ransomware and how to successfully combat it.

Advanced Security for Cloud-Based Email Services

This paper shows how you can reap the benefits of the cloud-based email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 without forfeiting security. It discusses how FireEye helps reduce attacks to email-borne security risks while preserving the benefits of cloud-based email services

SQL Server 2016: The Best Choice for the Government Enterprise

Download this paper to learn how organizations can keep operations efficient, responsive and secure by upgrading to SQL Server 2016.

Transforming Government with a Plan that's Secure, Sustainable and Streamlined

Download this paper to learn about three foundational layers of digital transformation - security, sustainability, and streamlined operations - and how government agencies can improve their workflow and processes to enable a more seamless transformation effort.

Mobile Security: The 6 Questions Modern Organizations Are Asking

How secure is your mobile workforce? Read the Lookout whitepaper to learn what six questions you need to be asking to make sure your enterprise is safe and secure.

The Path to Transformation: Governments Enhance Transparency in Transition to Digital

Download the results from a Center for Digital Government survey of 139 public sector decision-makers about various areas of their print environment to gauge where they are on the path to transformation and how they are overcoming transparency barriers.

A New Approach to IT Modernization in the Digital World

Download this paper to learn how government agencies can improve productivity, lower costs and provide better service to citizens and other agencies – while alleviating the burdens of traditional systems.