Survey: Federal IT and Financial Pros Disagree on Tech Expenses

Federal finance professionals and federal IT managers also have differing opinions about cloud computing and other business decisions, according to a new study by MeriTalk.

by / June 27, 2012

A recent report by MeriTalk and sponsored by Brocade revealed that federal finance professionals and federal IT managers see things differently when it comes to shifting away from capital expenditures toward operational expenses. The study showed that 70 percent of financial professionals see benefit in moving their organization toward a subscription- or usage-based model rather than a multiyear investment model, while only 36 percent of federal IT managers were found considering such a shift.

“Looking at IT as an operational expense opens up new avenues of savings, control and simplicity for federal IT managers, but like most new concepts it takes time to truly understand the value and how to unlock it,” Brocade Vice President of Federal Sales Anthony Robbins said in a press release. “Looking at near-term changes in federal discretionary spending, now is exactly the right time to start embracing new approaches to both funding and savings in IT.”
The study, called The Color of Money, outlines many other differences between financial and IT professionals in federal government including how cloud computing fits into the future of government and how technology and finance interact. The information in the study is based on an online survey that was taken in April 2012 by 102 federal IT managers and 102 federal finance professionals.
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