Improving Service Delivery Through Enterprise Social Collaboration

Communication in government is critical. But commonly found silos can impede the free flow and availability of information, and this restrictive environment can lead to disjointed processes, sluggish workflows, miscommunica¬tions, and other inefficiencies. However, new social collaboration tools can help government fundamentally improve its internal and external communications. This thought leadership profile discusses how these cutting-edge collaboration tools can create a new dynamic that brings workers, citizens and their government together like never before.

Mobility Management in the Modern Workplace

Microsoft® Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) streamlines access, guards credentials and enhances the user experience on premises or in the cloud with powerful identity-based security capabilities. Let’s take a look at the ways it protects access, defends information, detects threats and simplifies mobility management.

Moving Beyond User Name & Password

This white paper offers an overview of Okta's solutions. Read it now and take one step closer to true enterprise security.

Seven ways IT Can Drive Growth and Increase Efficiency

The first steps toward embracing the new digital world order does not necessarily have to be disruptive ones. IT leaders are finding new opportunities to reinvent the enterprise with next-gen single sign-on, provisioning and mobility management. IT leaders are finding new opportunities in an era of digital disruption.

Better Buying: How Cooperative Purchasing Can Bolster State and Local IT

Download this paper by Government Technology to learn how working with a cooperative purchasing organization can help governments overcome common procurement problems, stay ahead of the technology curve and provide better service to constituents.


Download this brief to learn about four best practices for data backup and recovery, and how a robust disaster recovery plan can help agencies protect data from ransomware and other threats.

Better Mobile Tools for First Responders on the Move

First responders use smartphones and tablets to access mission-critical information in the field. But using these devices can also create challenges around information sharing, authentication and cybersecurity. Download this Q&A to learn how innovative solutions allow first responders to complete their work more efficiently while maintaining a high level of security.

Cybersecurity Modernization: How Agencies Can Transform Government While Controlling Business Risk

Combatting increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks is integral to any successful IT transformation plan. Download the paper to learn more.

High-Performance Government: A How-To Guide

Want to build a more effective team or implement more efficient processes? Download this guide to discover the 5 reasons why government agencies are working to become high performing, plus expert tips that will help you get started on your journey today.

How paper, Excel, and basic bidding tools are holding back your supplier selection

In this eBook, learn about the simple ways to make this difficult job more manageable, help your team work more efficiently, and change the way procurement is perceived in your organization.

Rugged Mobility: 4 Mission Critical Requirements to Keep Remote Workers Productive

To provide users with complete ruggedized solutions, devices need much more than extremely reliable performance in harsh working conditions. They need security, manageability, support and, when required, readily available service. That way, remote workers can stay productive no matter where they are, what they’re doing or the conditions they face.