Improving Service Delivery Through Enterprise Social Collaboration

Communication in government is critical. But commonly found silos can impede the free flow and availability of information, and this restrictive environment can lead to disjointed processes, sluggish workflows, miscommunica¬tions, and other inefficiencies. However, new social collaboration tools can help government fundamentally improve its internal and external communications. This thought leadership profile discusses how these cutting-edge collaboration tools can create a new dynamic that brings workers, citizens and their government together like never before.

Smart Network Infrastructure: The New Standard for State and Local Government

With emerging technologies like IoT placing new pressures on government networks, it is critical for the public sector to have reliable connectivity. To better understand agencies’ network needs and priorities, the Center for Digital Government surveyed more than 300 state and local government officials and interviewed 12 additional IT decision-makers. Download this infographic to learn more about CDG’s survey findings and how your agency can prepare for IoT.

Securing and Automating Smart Cities

Faced with population growth, growing economic disparity, fears about climate change and an increasing digital divide, cities across the globe are looking at digital transformation in order to achieve better environmental, social and financial outcomes.

Program Management in the Public Sector

This white paper will provide an inside perspective of how your public sector agency can successfully meet transparency, accountability and compliance requirements in the public sector by leveraging project and portfolio management.

Cisco 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government

Threats to government are on the rise. Learn what your adversaries are up to, how your colleagues are fighting back, and how you can stay secure.

Integrated Platform Drives Major Improvements in Utah's IT Services

Download this case study to learn how the Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) significantly boosted the quality of its services and how you can do the same.

Preparing Government Networks for IoT

As government agencies embrace IoT, they must develop smart network ecosystems that can receive, transport, store and safeguard vast volumes of data. From strategy to integration to procurement, this paper provides a practical framework for agencies looking to better prepare their networks for IoT and other network-dependent technologies. Download to learn more.

The 2018 state of data management: A public sector benchmark report

Experian recently surveyed 200 public sector professionals to learn about the state of data management in the U.S. public sector. If increasing efficiency, complying with regulation, or modernizing your systems are top of mind for your agency, check out this report! This report highlights the many opportunities and challenges that government agencies face as they strive to effectively leverage their data.

Essential Guide to Machine Data

Machine data is one of the most underused and undervalued assets of any organization, yet it contains powerful business and operational insights that can help you quickly diagnose service problems, detect advanced security threats and uncover the fingerprints of fraud.

Digital Business and Cloud Deployments Accelerate Need for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

IT infrastructure monitoring has long been the foundation for managing systems and application performance, availability and reliability. Today, monitoring solutions are needed more than ever due to huge increases in infrastructure scale and complexity, growth in cloud architecture deployments, and demands for a better user experience for digital business applications.

Best Practices for Water Utility Operations

Stop managing your water network with best guesses. Claim this free guide to learn how utilities are leveraging operations management best practices to increase efficiency, spend smarter, and predict leaks and water loss - before they break the bank.