4. Telework Helps Virginia and Arizona Recruit and Retain Employees

Telework strategies also strengthen continuity of operations.

5. Virtual Worlds Help Public Safety Officials Practice for Real-Life Threats

Simulated mass casualty exercises cut cost and add flexibility.

6. Wireless Sensors May Help Governments Monitor Health of Aging Infrastructure

Minneapolis bridge collapse spurs monitoring innovations.

7. Entire Elgin, Ore., Planning Commission Resigns

Volunteer commission members quit rather than consent to new ethics requirements.

8. American ITIL

Oklahoma City implements ITIL principles to strengthen its technology operations.

9. Chicago Fusion Center Gives Police New Criminal Investigation Tools

New Crime Prevention Information Center helps city prevent terrorist attacks and revolutionize investigations.

10. Server and Desktop Virtualization Cuts IT Costs

Virtual servers and desktops squeeze more work from less computer hardware.

Chad Vander Veen  | 

Chad Vander Veen previously served as the editor of FutureStructure, and the associate editor of Government Technology and Public CIO magazines.

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