Procure Cloud Services in Minutes Instead of Months

A typical government cloud migration often takes a few months to a year or more using standard government acquisitions, procurement, engineering and contracting processes. One particular challenge is speeding up the process without sacrificing due diligence, engineering processes, procurement approvals and security. In this whitepaper, learn how to reduce time to the cloud from months to minutes

The Small Community's Guide to Asset Management

There must be an easier way to run your small community with confidence and clarity - but where do you begin. From crafting an asset management strategy to performing your initial inventory, this free ebook will guide you every step of the way.

10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

Is your business a target for a cyberattack? Is it a question of when, as opposed to if? And are you as prepared as you could be? The complexity of your network and your security infrastructure may limit or slow your ability to respond to these and other cybersecurity challenges.

Getting Started with a Zero Trust Approach to Network Security

Organizations looking to substantially improve their defensive posture against modern cyberthreats and more reliably prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data should consider migrating to a Zero Trust security architecture.

Efficient Government: Building a Launching Pad for Digital Transformation

State and local governments are navigating a new industrial revolution, one that stems from a convergence of technologies that require a transformation of entire systems. Adding to the impact of this revolution is the astounding rate at which it is happening. Organizations need a modern IT infrastructure that allows them to dynamically respond and quickly deliver new products, services and information.

Creating a Workforce Environment that Accelerates Transformation

Download this paper to learn ways to ensure your workforce and workplace culture are prepared for change.

IT Modernization for Health and Human Services in an Era of Uncertainty

Research from the Center for Digital Government shows that among HHS agencies, top priorities for modernization include better data sharing, program integration and greater use of data analytics tools. An approach based on a hybrid enterprise cloud offers a promising path toward better performance and greater efficiency. Download this paper to learn more.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management: New Solutions for a Connected World

This white paper explores how forward-thinking organizations are leveraging automated data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities to make informed decisions about the repair and maintenance of, and investment in, these critical infrastructure assets.

Real-World Testing Ensures Real-World Performance for Rugged Devices

The increasingly mobile nature of technology enables computing devices to go out into the field with workers. And computing devices leaving the office face the same perils as their human counterparts. Like workers in the field, the technology needs to be tough enough to survive adverse conditions.

Reinventing Case Management

Download this paper to learn how the County of Los Angeles swapped its manual, resource-intensive HR appeals processes for a streamlined and efficient case management solution.

Gartner Top 4 Mobile Security Insights for CISOs

Over the past year, Gartner has provided important observations and guidance as to the shift in the mobile enterprise security market. Read the report for 4 key insights and recommendations to prepare for strategic conversations with the CEO and board.