The 2013 salary, benefits and other compensation data for more than 20,000 Superior Court judges and employees to the website, State Controller John Chiang announced Wednesday.

Visitors to the website now can find data on judges and employees from the state’s 58 superior courts via a dedicated category.

“The courts have long held that taxpayers are entitled to know how much their elected officials and public employees are compensated. With today’s release of pay and benefit data for all court employees — from the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice to local judges and their support staff — California’s judiciary is leading by example and helping us provide a one-stop source of transparency,” Chiang said via a press release.

Here’s more information from the Controller’s announcement:

Starting with the 2013 data, the Superior Courts have been separated into a “Superior Courts” category. Today’s posting also adds a separate “Judicial” category that also includes employees of the superior courts, as well as those of the courts of appeal, Supreme Court, Habeas Corpus Resource Center, Judicial Center Library, Judicial Council, and the Commission on Judicial Performance. The “Judicial” category includes data on a total of 22,310 judicial and court employees who earned almost $1.57 billion in wages in 2013.

The Administrative Office of the Courts identified 1,648 superior court judge positions whose wages totaled $267.1 million in 2013. The median wage was about $176,000. Though these positions account for roughly 8 percent of the court employee positions, the judges receive about 21 percent of total salaries paid.

The website contains salary and compensation information for 58 counties, more than 450 cities, more than 2,900 special districts, more than 100 higher education providers, and most state employees, according to the Controller.

Last month Chiang announced the addition of wage data from the University of California system’s 268,000 employees.

This story was originally published by TechWire