Center for Digital Government Background

A Leading Resource on Information Technology in State and Local Government

The Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute focused on technology policy and best practices in state and local government. Through its diverse and dynamic programs and services, the Center provides public- and private-sector leaders with decision support and actionable insight to help drive 21st-century government.

Center for Digital Government Premier Services and Programs

Digital Communities Program

Developed by Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government, Digital Communities is a unified and coordinated program of e.Republic products and services to help sponsors market and sell to city and county governments.

Digital Communities provides opportunities to collaborate with local government executives face to face, work in groups via social networking sites, and participate in teleconferences, webinars and more.

Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI)

The Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) is not a place, but a community of interest focused on modernizing and improving state government. Unlike any other organization, DSPI creates an environment where collaboration and trust is developed between public and private sector executives.

DSPI builds on the successes of the biennial Digital States Survey with a year-round program of face to face meetings, ongoing original research, webinars, and customized trend and opportunity analysis. DSPI sponsorship is not for everyone. Selected companies are specifically invited to participate in order to ensure non-competitive opportunities to work together with government and benefit from Center for Digital Government advice and insight.

Surveys and Awards Programs

The Digital States Survey, Digital Cities Survey and Digital Counties Survey are three of the most powerful market surveys and benchmarking tools for state, city and county government leaders. The surveys assess how our nation's jurisdictions are applying technologies to better serve their constituents.

The annual Digital Government and Education Achievement Awards and Best of the Web program is one of the most popular state and local government web contests. Not only do we award the best portals in the nation at the city, county and state level, but we award the best digital government applications in a variety of areas.

The Annual Best of California, Best of Texas and Best of New York awards recognize contributions, best practices, and work of distinction in the information technology arena. Top technology leaders and teams from state agencies and local governments are selected by the Center for Digital Government to be the recipients of its esteemed "Best of" awards.

Re:Public Leadership Retreat

Each year, the Center for Digital Government and a select group of sponsors produce the most thought-provoking and highly-anticipated leadership retreat for our nation’s top state and local government IT influencers.

A hand-selected group of the doers, dreamers and drivers of government innovation are brought together in a professional and relaxing environment to interact and enjoy inspiring and thought-provoking discussions.