Best Fit Integrator Awards 2013

Information technology integrators and industry leaders were honored as top integrators and innovators of technology solutions for government in 2013 at e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government’s Best Fit Integrator and Industry Leadership Awards dinner in Jackson, Wyoming yesterday.

The Best Fit Integrator awards honor technology firms who tailor solutions to suit the unique needs of government.  Winners were selected from nominations submitted by public sector IT entities, of companies who partnered with them on projects addressing such areas as health and human services, finance and administrative services, and justice and public safety. 

Annually leadership awards are presented to individuals from the private sector who have demonstrated vision, leadership, support of technology, and have worked to improve the lives of others.

Congratulations to the winning companies and leaders who are demonstrating how collaboration and innovation and are helping governments operate more efficiently and effectively!

Best Fit Integrator Award Winners:

Arkansas Interactive/

Performance Award in Licensing 

Partner and Project: Arkansas State Board of Nursing Online License Application System 

The Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN) State Licensure System integrated the Criminal Background Check process into the online application process, replacing paper and manual application processes for 24 types of nursing licenses and integrating 360 processes.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Exceptional Service Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Project: California Employment Development Department's State Disability Insurance (SDI) Online System

SDI Online automated the manual claims processing freeing 1.5 million claim requests annually from needing staff assistance; 62 percent of initial claim forms are now filed electronically - claimants can submit information 24/7, have their eligibility determined and their claim processed the next day.

Mo'Mix Solutions

Collaboration and Long-term Service Award in Finance and Administration

Partner and Project: Williamson County, TX Financial Systems Integration

Collaborating for more than 15 years for financial systems and Enterprise Resource Planning integration, they are developing increased public transparency and are moving to a cloud-based business-intelligence solution that provides dashboards, mobile device integration and a shared community aspect.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Modernization Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Project: X-86 Migration: Positioning the Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS) for the Cloud

CBMS is the eligibility determination system for Colorado which incorporates Medicaid, food assistance, cash assistance, Children’s Basic Health Plan, and case management. CBMS supports 4200 end users who determine eligibility and benefits for 700,000 clients. The migration to X-86 servers modernizes CBMS for the next 5-10 years.

Hewlett-Packard Company

Collaboration and Performance Award in Justice and Public Safety

Partner and Project: County of San Diego Justice Electronic Library System (JELS)

JELS provides electronic distribution and in-court use of documents and reports for 25,000 Juvenile Court Delinquency hearings annually; each agency has their own electronic “Business Center” where over 50,000 secure e-case files with up to 200 documents each reside; and each attorney receives  an “e-briefcase” for a savings of $400,000 annually – and attorney productivity is up 25 percent.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Performance and Long-term Service Award in IT Infrastructure

Partner and Project: IT Infrastructure Partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia

Eight years ago, standardization of their IT infrastructure and investing in two new data centers was begun; now providing 89 agencies statewide at more than 2,300 sites with services - including a 24x7 help desk that averages nearly 45,000 contacts per month, security monitoring and prevention, and statewide private “cloud” services. 

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Modernization Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Project: Combined Healthcare Information and Montana Eligibility System Enterprise Architecture (CHIMES-EA)

Deloitte partnered with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to increase worker efficiency through CHIMES-EA, an integration of SNAP and TANF eligibility systems, a Shared Fiscal Services Layer application, and an Enterprise Architecture seamlessly integrated with the existing Medicaid system for the benefit of the 800 users. 

Arkansas Interactive/

Exceptional Service Award in Education Services

Partner and Project: Arkansas Career Pathways Data Management System (CPDMS)

CPDMS is an online management tool for the Career Pathways Initiative (CPI), which provides assistance to low-income parents seeking certificates and degrees at Arkansas’ two-year colleges. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education manages and distributes the $90 million in grant funds across 25 colleges and technical schools that serve over 30,000 low-income parents. 

Riskonnect, Inc.

Performance Award in Finance and Administration 

Partner and Project: Utah Enterprise Efficiency through Risk Management Information System (RMIS) Integration

Utah’s Division of Risk Management replaced its legacy basic claims system with Riskonnect’s RMIS, a comprehensive risk management work platform. Ten systems were integrated and resulted in annual savings of $1 million, and an increase of 88 percent efficiency in processing payments from 23 to 1.5 days.

South Carolina Interactive/

Long-term Service Award in Portals

Partner and Project: South Carolina Palmetto Pay

Initially implemented eight years ago, Palmetto Pay service provides 250 state and local South Carolina governmental entities with a secure method for accepting online or over-the-counter debit/credit and e-check payments for 700 services.  The Web service front end to the payment engine allows the state’s governmental entities to develop their own e-commerce applications.

Industry Exemplary Leadership Awards Winners:

Yo Yoshida, Founder and CEO, Appallicious

Exemplary Leadership Award  in Open Data Initiatives

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Janet Grenslitt
Director of Surveys and Awards