Information technology integrators from the private sector were recognized for their expertise and outstanding solutions at the Center for Digital Government's 2008 Integrator Awards ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Public sector groups throughout the U.S. nominated partnering companies whose creative IT solutions provided exceptional cost savings, streamlined service and easier public access.

Executive Vice President of the Center, Cathilea Robinett, said, "IT partnerships between state and local government and the private sector are vital for advancements in digital government. As such, we are thrilled to acknowledge these companies for the stellar work they've done to improve technology in order for government to better serve its citizens."

Congratulations to the Best Fit Integrators 2008 Winners


Partner: Texas Department of Information Resources

Project: TexasOnline

Electronic Data Systems

Partner: California Welfare Client Data System Consortium

Project: CalWIN (CalWorks Information Network)

CA Inc.

Partner: Colorado Department of Human Services

Project: Colorado Cost Control and Efficiency Project

CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc.

Partner: Wake County, North Carolina, Information Services

Project: eWake Project

Electronic Data Systems

Partner: Colorado Department of Human Services

Project: Cognos - Reporting Conversion and Decision Support System

Maser Consulting, Pennsylvania

Partner: Middletown Township, New Jersey

Project: Middletown Township Public Web site and GIS

Honorable Mentions:

Integrated Information Systems Inc. (INTRESYS)

Partner: Contra Costa County, California, Department of Child Support Services

Project: TurboCourt


Partner: Harris County, Texas

Project: Integrated Voice Response "Connects"