Eleven exceptional companies and two industry leaders have been honored as top integrators of technology solutions for government in 2012.  e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government celebrated the winners at the Best Fit Integrator Awards dinner in Vail, Colorado over the weekend.

The awards honor technology firms who tailor solutions to suit the unique needs of government.  Winners were selected from nominations, submitted by public sector IT entities, of companies who partnered with them on projects addressing such areas as health and human services; finance and administrative services; transportation; and economic and business development.

Congratulations to the winning companies who are demonstrating how collaboration creates innovation and are helping governments operate more efficiently and effectively!

The winners:

Best Fit Integrator Awards:


Modernization Award in Finance & Administration

Partner and Project: Texas Benefit and Pension Administration System (BPAS)

The Texas Employee Retirement System and Accenture implemented a business rules management system, creating a single authoritative repository - the Benefits Pension Administration System, or BPAS. Expectations for system performance and response times were surpassed by 40-50 percent.


Modernization Award in Finance & Administration

Partner and Project: City of Los Angeles Financial Management System (FMS) Project

The City of Los Angeles and CGI implemented the web-based Financial Management System across 42 city departments, replacing the city’s three aging legacy systems and seven other redundant system. Benefits that improve the city’s cash flow include dashboard analytics, reporting and tracking, real-time budgetary information, “E-approvals,” and automated past-due billing processes. 

Information Builders

Modernization Award in Finance & Administration

Partner and Project: New Hampshire Granite-to-Green Modernization Project/”Single View of the Taxpayer”

New Hampshire, the Granite State, began a modernization program of its Department of Revenue (DOR)’s legacy accounting and billing systems called “Granite to Green”. A key aspect of the program, the “Single View of the Taxpayer” application – a business intelligence and predictive analytics environment - was created and integrated by DOR and Information Builders.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Performance Award in Health & Human Services

Partner and Project: Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS)

TIERS is the automated system that supports the Health and Human Services Commission’s eligibility determination for cash assistance, medical and food assistance - replacing the legacy mainframe solution with a Web-based and user-friendly graphical interface. Collaborating with Deloitte, the implementation of TIERS has increased timeliness of benefits from 57.5% to 97%, and saved over $30 million annually.


Performance Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Project: Los Angeles County Data Mining Solution (DMS) for Child Care Welfare Fraud Detection

Working with SAS, Los Angeles County created a fraud detection system in public assistance programs using advanced analytics, predictive models and social network analysis. DMS identifies suspicious child care welfare cases using historical patterns of fraud and has successfully uncovered conspiracy groups, generating substantial savings.

Maine Information Network (Subsidiary of NIC)

Exceptional Service Award in Health & Human Services

Partner and Project: My Maine Connection

My Maine Connection provides a one-stop portal for citizens to determine eligibility and apply for Maine's food, medical and temporary families and child care assistance programs.  The Department of Health and Human Services in partnership with the state’s e-government portal provider, Maine Information Network created the service which also works on mobile devices.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Exceptional Service Award in Health & Human Services

Partner and Project: Michigan Bridges

Bridges manages eligibility determination, benefit calculation, and assistance applications for Michigan’s welfare programs serving 83 counties, approximately 10,000 case workers and support staff, and 2.5 million recipients. With Deloitte’s partnership, Bridges was engineered with over 50 unique interfaces, saving approximately 50 minutes per application and more than 540,000 hours annually.

Unisys Corporation

Collaboration and Modernization Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Projects: Los Angeles County Healthy Way LA and YourBenefitsNow! (YBN!)

Healthy Way LA is the medical “bridging” program that provides assistance to individuals newly eligible for Medicaid under the Healthcare Reform Act. In collaboration with several departments, Unisys designed, developed and integrated the program with the existing case management system and the updated YourBenefitsNow! System.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Collaboration and Modernization Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Projects: Colorado's Program Eligibility and Application Kit (PEAK) and Intelligent Data Entry (IDE)

To address a growing child poverty rate, Colorado implemented the Web-based portal PEAK, a web-based tool to apply for public assistance benefits. Deloitte collaborated with Colorado’s state agencies, counties and community agencies on this system and its front end, the IDE project now known as Web Expansion, which together are helping more than 3000 eligibility staff statewide to deal with increasing caseloads more efficiently.


Exceptional Service Award in Administrative Services

Partner and Project: Minnesota Enterprise E-mail Move to the Cloud

Minnesota and Microsoft moved 40,000 E-mailboxes into the Cloud with benefits of increased collaboration, heightened system security, larger 5 GB mailboxes (with an option up to 25 GB), and decreased costs. The system is expandable and available to other jurisdictions such as boards, commissions, cities, and counties.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Modernization Award in Health & Human Services

Partner and Project: Texas Self-Service Portal Change Reporting

The Self Service Portal managed by Deloitte is an Internet-based system used by Texas citizens to apply and manage their benefits for multiple social service programs, including Long Term Care, twenty-four hours a day. Processing time increased from four days to instantaneously. 

Periscope Holdings, Inc.

Collaboration Award in Finance & Administration

Partner and Project: ProcureAZ - Statewide eProcurement Project

Partnering with Periscope, Arizona launched the full functionality of ProcureAZ, the e-procurement and transparency system; including agency-specific bid and solicitation management, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders. Requisition time and contract release time have been cut in half; purchase order cycle time has decreased by 36 percent.

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Horizon and Long-Term Service Award in Health and Human Services

Partner and Project: Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement System (PACSES)

PACSES is a statewide system that enables over 3,000 county-based case workers to serve more than 1.3 million citizens. Working with Deloitte for over 15 years, PACSES has passed federal audits helping retain over $180 million of incentive funding and reduced child support in arrears by nearly $4 billion.

Rhode Island Interactive / RI.gov (Subsidiary of NIC)

Exceptional Service Award in Economic and Business Development

Partner and Project: Rhode Island Quick Start

To encourage the growth of small businesses, the Rhode Island Secretary of State was allocated funds for “Quick Start,” a web-based one-stop business center, which helps entrepreneurs to navigate the state regulatory processes.Their partner Rhode Island Interactive plans to share this tool with other interested states. 


Performance Award in Finance & Administration

Partner and Project: State of Maine ERP Financial Upgrade/Managed Advantage Transition

The State of Maine worked collaboratively with their partner CGI to secure the long-term viability of the state’s Financial Management and Procurement system. The Financial, Procurement and Vendor Self Service modules were upgraded in only 12 months, and simultaneously were transitioned to CGI’s data center, leveraging CGI’s Managed Advantage ‘Cloud’.

ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC)

Exceptional Service Award in Transportation

Partner and Project: Texas Permitting and Routing Optimization System (TxPROS)

TxPROS is an online, 24/7 web-based system, developed and integrated state-wide by ProMiles Software Development Corporation, that allows Texas trucking companies to apply for an oversize/overweight permit, pay the fees, and then routes trucks based on the size and weight of the load, improving turnaround time from three hours to less than 30 minutes, which encourages compliance.

Industry Exemplary Leadership Awards

Cathy Varner, Account Executive, Hewlett Packard

Best Fit Integrator Leadership Award


Dr. John Brocklebank, VP, SAS Solutions OnDemand, SAS Institute Inc.

Best Fit Integrator Leadership Award

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Janet Grenslitt

Director of Surveys and Awards