Shell Culp

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government

Principal, Almirante Partners (Former)
Agency Information Officer (Former)
Chief Deputy Director, Office of Systems Integration
California Health and Human Services Agency

Areas of expertise:

• IT Project Management
• Health and Human Services IT
• Medicaid Information Technology Architecture policy
• National Human Services Information Architecture
• National Information Exchange Model
• Open Data
• Interoperability
• Organizational change management
• Performance management

Like you, Shell Culp knows that government performance can improve. Shell has been the director of the largest IT project and program portfolio in the state of California, and she's passionate about effectiveness. Shell has worked with all of the major systems integrators to deliver California's health benefits exchange system, implement the largest case management and payroll system in the state, and flawlessly re-host the largest child welfare case management system in the nation. As a principal with Almirante Partners, and with 32 years of experience in health and human services, as well as four other agencies, Shell is focused on helping organizations target strategic initiatives with innovative perspective gained from a lifetime of experience in many different areas of government, with particular emphasis on improving IT project management.

Recognizing that very often projects to automate operations of programs in the public sector are viewed incorrectly as "IT projects," Shell has accepted the challenge to help public- and plural-sector programs understand and strategically plan for their active involvement in their automation projects. We've all heard the statistics — most studies show that more than half of IT projects fail to contain scope, run over budget or are delivered late. Many of these projects range from tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of millions, funded from program budgets. Shell uses her extensive experience in IT project management to help organizations protect their investments and improve their chances for success.

Always a thought leader, Shell's passion for performance improvement in government also makes her a champion of interoperability, open data and organizational change management, and she speaks about these topics across the country. She continues to work with Stewards of Change Institute to bring these important changes to the public sector.