Data Will Reshape How People Interact with Cities

Nancy Torres, Data-Smart City Solutions / December 13, 2017

What's the Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin?

Erin Mundahl, / December 13, 2017

Maine’s Supreme Court to Debate Online Records Access

Scott Thistle, Portland Press Herald / December 12, 2017

How Identity Data Is Turning Toxic for Big Companies

Bhargav Mitra, Engineer, Queen's University Belfast, Robert McCausland Programme Manager, Queen's University Belfast / December 13, 2017

How to Put Data to Work in Your Neighborhood

Stephanie Shipp, Professor, Virginia Tech, Catherine Woteki, Professor, Iowa State University, Sallie Keller, Professor, Virginia Tech, Sarah M. Nusser, Professor, Iowa State University / December 12, 2017

In Rhode Island, State Police and Federal Marshals Detail Use of Cell-Phone Tracking Tech

Mark Reynolds, The Providence Journal / December 8, 2017

Illinois Ends Child Abuse Prediction Program

David Jackson, Gary Marx, Chicago Tribune / December 7, 2017

Using Data to Address Hunger, Food Insecurity

Erica Pincus, Data-Smart City Solutions / December 6, 2017

Spokane, Wash., Steps into Smart Cities

Nicholas Deshais, The Spokesman-Review / December 6, 2017

Financial Breach Exposes 40,000 Unencrypted Customer Records

Malena Carollo, Tampa Bay Times / December 5, 2017

To Change Government, Focus on Users

Robert Burack, Data-Smart City Solutions / December 5, 2017
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