Many are aware of the well-publicized Google Glass that pairs the Internet with a set of shades. What takes some by surprise, however, is how many other products have followed suit.

The trend has been dubbed with a variety of titles, such as the “Internet of Things” and the “Internet of Everything,” titles which — considering their ambiguity — could easily be dismissed for sheer lack of definition. However, a new report published by the Center for Data Innovation showcases just how diverse these “things” connected to the Internet can be.

bigbelly trash cans, trash cans, smart trash cans1. Trash Cans

Yes, that’s right, even garbage cans now be online. In this case, they come from BigBelly Solar company that has created a solar-powered trash can and compactor that uses its online connection to alert sanitation crews when it is full. While this trash can receptacle be found in certain cities, corporate campuses, colleges and parks, the report identified Boston University as a user that was able to use the receptacle’s waste data to reduce average weekly trash pickups from 14 to 1.6.

 Photo: Flickr/Elvert Barnes

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