Mapping government IT

by News Staff / September 24, 2002
Boulder began work on a wireless system to help manage traffic. The system provides full-duplex wireless communication between a central control facility and the signal controllers at intersections. This wireless transmission network allows for a quicker connection between the signals and their control center.

State officials said they are working on an emergency broadcast system to warn residents when a child has been kidnapped and gather tips that could help catch the perpetrator. Major radio stations and police chiefs across the state are hammering out the details of a procedure to certify that the alerts are genuine before they are broadcast. - The NewsJournal

State officials implemented a Web-based, child-support payment processing solution in July that helps the state and Indiana employers collect child-support payments faster. State officials said more than 130 employers in 40 counties use the new system, called Child Support Online. The application is a component of the Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System (ISETS), a statewide child support information and disbursement system.

The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine is joining a network of labs that will monitor local meat production for signs of a bio-terrorist attack on U.S. farms. The $20 million federal program was created to quickly spot attempts to destabilize the economy by using disease to make meat unmarketable. - USA Today

Maine's Court System rolled out a new service in July. PayTixx allows residents to pay Maine traffic tickets on the Internet, view their violation records, verify a court date, pay outstanding fines online or get answers to frequently asked questions. Officials said all payment information is transmitted over secure lines and no confidential information is stored by the system.

A federal judge ordered a New York man to stop using the domain name < >, which sent visitors to a site with anti-abortion messages and graphic material. School district officials said they became aware of the Web site on June 30, and sought legal measures against the man. - The Minneapolis Star-Tribune

New York
The New York Power Authority donated surplus computer equipment to several schools as part of its program to make refurbished computers available to schools statewide. The Power Authority delivered 20 computers each to Public School 18 and the Family Life Academy Charter School, both in the Bronx.

State officials announced a deal with Accenture to build and implement the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE) system - a centralized voter registration and election-management application. SURE will be designed to consolidate voter-registration data currently maintained separately by each of the state's 67 counties.

Gov. Mark Warner announced in mid-July that Virginia made the state homepage and other government information services accessible via wireless devices. My Mobile Virginia < > offers citizens the option to access government information and services through numerous types of handheld devices, including wireless telephones, Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs with Internet access.