ConnectKentucky Success Spurs Formation of a National Organization

At the end of the year, Kentucky will be the only state in the nation to have full broadband coverage.

by / August 10, 2007
Since the launch of Kentucky's Prescription for Innovation in late 2004, ConnectKentucky has facilitated efforts garnering unprecedented success in broadband deployment and technology advancement. Currently, 94 percent of Kentucky households are able to subscribe to broadband compared to only 60 percent in 2001. At the end of the year, Kentucky will be the only state in the nation to have full broadband coverage -- meaning every citizen in the state will be able to subscribe to some form of high-speed Internet. Utilizing what is becoming known as the Connected Nation model for technology expansion, ConnectKentucky has helped the commonwealth become a national leader in technology adoption and planning with a #1 ranking for growth in broadband technology.

The United States Congress has numerous efforts under way to establish a national initiative to replicate Kentucky's success that has resulted from ConnectKentucky's implementation of the Prescription for Innovation. The bipartisan Connect the Nation Act of 2007 has been filed by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) to encourage the rapid deployment of affordable broadband Internet service, particularly in rural areas. The legislation supports a grant program that would enable states to implement an initiative similar to ConnectKentucky, a public-private partnership leading efforts to accelerate broadband availability and technology literacy throughout the commonwealth.

In response to the growing demand for technology planning in the commonwealth and for increased requests for planning assistance from other states, the leadership of ConnectKentucky is adding senior level staff and has formed a national umbrella organization called Connected Nation. Connected Nation assists with statewide comprehensive technology expansion efforts across America that effectively enhance the supply of available broadband while dramatically increasing demand through state and local grassroots awareness/adoption campaigns. Connected Nation specializes in increasing technology access and literacy towards greater digital inclusion for all. This technology expansion improves economic development, healthcare, education and public safety, in addition to providing a better way of life for Americans.