What do you do when you want to provide digital communication services like voice mail, digital documents and e-mail to those living in villages so isolated quite apart from no phones, there's no electricity -- where even availability of drinking water is a problem?

Take the Internet to them of course!

But how, when there's not even a proper road to the village? Why, on motorcycles! And if that doesn't work either, try bicycles.

That's exactly what a Massachusetts-based provider of "simple, low- cost, and easy to deploy" telecommunication equipment, United Villages, Inc. is doing these days to take information and communications services to over two hundred thousand rural residents around the world.

Creatively using the simple concept of Wi-Fi (802.11x wireless) and digital storage boxes, United Villages is distributing bandwidth from a hub with regular broadband Internet connectivity to users "as far as the road goes," says the company.

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