FCC Announces National Broadband Agenda

The FCC is seeking to expand the E-Rate program that has helped wire K-12 schools and free up additional spectrum for broadband.

by / April 8, 2010

The FCC announced Thursday, April 8, its 2010 agenda for putting the National Broadband Plan into action.

The agenda "explains the purpose and timing of more than 60 rulemakings and other notice-and-comment proceedings the plan recommends for FCC action," according to the agency, and will "implement plan recommendations requiring rulemakings through a series of open, participatory notice-and-comment proceedings."

Progress on the plan's implementation can be tracked at An implementation schedule is also available at

"Our implementation plan lays out a road map for reforming universal service to connect all Americans to broadband, including in rural areas; unleashing spectrum, promoting competition and supporting small businesses; protecting and empowering consumers; safeguarding online privacy; increasing adoption in all communities and ensuring fair access for people with disabilities; protecting broadband networks against cyber-attack and other disasters; and ensuring that all users can reach 911 in an emergency," said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski in a statement.

The 2010 agenda, which will attempt to put the National Broadband Plan that was unveiled last month into action, focuses on expanding the E-Rate program that has helped wire K-12 schools; attempting to free up spectrum for broadband; and creating funding pools that would help bring broadband to underserved areas and make 3G wireless coverage a baseline for America's connectivity, among several other projects.