Farmers Branch, Texas, to Provide High Speed Wireless to Community

Will cover all 12.5 square miles of the city with wireless Internet access available on both a fixed and mobile basis to residents, businesses and visitors

by / December 12, 2005
The world, without wires, is coming to north Texas as Mobile Pro Corporation's NeoReach Wireless Division has been selected by the Farmers Branch City Council to design, deploy and operate wireless service in the community.

The new network will cover all 12.5 square miles of the city with wireless Internet access available on both a fixed and mobile basis to residents, businesses and visitors.

The wireless network planned for Farmers Branch will enable a range of free and fee-based services, and provide secure high-speed access to data, voice and video throughout the coverage area. Subscription services will be offered on an annual, monthly, daily and hourly basis, and will allow access to multiple Internet service providers .

Subscribers will be able to access the wireless network from anywhere at any time. All Wi-Fi enabled devices will have free access to the network landing page, which will contain information about the service and instructions on how to connect. Visitors will be able to navigate the City of Farmers Branch Web site, and certain other selected Web sites, at any time, without limitation, or cost.

"Farmers Branch is a community that has always been proud of its heritage, but equally progressive in keeping up with the ever-changing nature of technology and innovation," said Farmers Branch Mayor Bob Phelps. "With the installation of this citywide wireless network, Farmers Branch continues to stay ahead of the technological curve in making sure our residents and businesses have the best opportunity to exist and compete in the 21st century global community."

WiFi Benefits for the Public
Expected public benefits include:
  • Work from home, the park, or shopping mall as using VPN, video conference, and VoIP applications. Use VPN (virtual private network) to securely access business network applications the same way you do from the office. Use video conference applications to conduct effective meetings with an unlimited number of people around the world. See the people you're talking to and allow them to see your presentation step-by-step.
  • Get access to thousands of live and interactive university, business, and self-improvement education programs. Access your child's school network to view their progress report, upcoming assignment, online library and online training programs. Research medical issues. Access online video news programs.
  • Use VoIP applications to make low cost phone calls anywhere in the world. Send a live video feed of your child's soccer game to the grandparents who live in another city or country.
  • Take a virtual tour of real estate property in another state. Browse through online malls. Access the Chamber of Commerce Web site to see who is new in town.
  • Download your favorite music, video, or movie. Play a virtual video game with your friend who lives across the country.
WiFi Benefits for the Government
Expect benefits to the government include:
  • Law enforcement officers with secured mobile access to criminal history, incident reports, video surveillance and more.
  • Code enforcement inspectors with mobile access to research properties and file reports.
  • Construction and repair crews with remote access to critical infrastructure data.
  • Emergency responders with mobile access to building and infrastructure information.
  • Health care providers with mobile access to critical medical records.
  • School, teachers, students and parents with community access to education, grade book and calendar applications.
  • Joint-assist responders from neighboring cities have access to their network/information.
  • Firms and organizations evaluate many factors when deciding where to locate and do business.
The city can offer a competitive low cost communication environment for firms. Providing wireless accessibility will be as important in the future as traditional utilities. Providing an environment that attracts and keeps the knowledge workers who drive the economy of today is all-important. The economic development benefits of
    • this strategy are clear and compelling. Not only will it make Farmers Branch a better choice for firms to do business, but it will enhance the desirability of the city's neighborhoods as a place to live.

      Wireless access is fast becoming the indispensable tool of the leisure or business visitor. Today's visitor is demanding 24/7 access to travel information and is using mobile devices to book flights, reserve a rental car, and making all sorts of travel arrangements that only a few years ago would have been accomplished by phone or in person. Visitors expect to be able to look up maps and get directions, find shopping and read restaurant reviews while they wander around the city and visit North Dallas's attractions. Citywide wireless access will become an essential component of a successful strategy to grow the hospitality sector of the economy. The benefits of which are much needed local employment and city revenue.