Kansas Motor Carrier Portal Finds Success with New Online Services

The services' adoption rates have surprised state officials.

by / April 29, 2003
TOPEKA, Kan. -- The Kansas motor carrier portal now offers five interactive services and has processed more than 35,000 online transactions since launching in July 2001.

The Information Network of Kansas, which manages the state's official Web site, worked with the Kansas Department of Revenue in 2002 to launch two new services that allow motor carriers to renew and file supplements to the International Registration Plan (IRP) accounts.

The IRP supplement application, launched last August, enjoys a 29 percent adoption rate, and the renewal application, launched in December 2002, has also experienced a successful first year. At the completion of the 2003 renewal period, 36 percent of IRP accounts were renewed online.

Sheila Walker, director of the Kansas Department of Revenue's Division of Vehicles, said the TruckingKS portal has exceeded expectations.

"Online IRP renewals and supplements have been phenomenal," Walker said. "There probably aren't too many other applications that can boast about these high adoption rates in the first year. Multiple agencies have played a role in the success of this Web site, and we are proud to be one of those agencies."

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) license renewal applications were also added to the portal in October 2002. In the six months of accepting online IFTA license renewals, the system processed 11 percent of all requests electronically.

Kansas is also building three online services that will be introduced this year. IFTA quarterly filings will be launched in July 2003, and Kansas Corporation Commission supplemental filings and liquid fuel license applications will also be added later this year.

An online motor carrier permitting system was the first service offered through the portal in July 2001. Since launching, the application has sold more than 13,000 permits online, and 15 percent of all motor carrier permits issued in Kansas are now processed over the Internet. The online permitting system is a collaborative effort between the Kansas Department of Revenue and the Information Network of Kansas, the agency responsible for the state's official Web portal.

The online authority renewal service is one of the motor carrier portal's most popular offerings. Introduced in October 2001 as a joint effort between the Information Network of Kansas and the Kansas Corporation Commission, this system allows motor carriers that operate in Kansas to renew both their single state registration (SSRS) and their intrastate authorities online.

Online usage doubled in the first year, and more than 21 percent of all authority renewals were processed over the Internet during the 2003 renewal period.

"We knew the online renewal program would be a tremendous benefit to the motor carrier industry," said Mike Hoeme, director of transportation for the Kansas Corporation Commission. "However, the savings the agency has experienced as a result of the increased online application usage has greatly exceeded our expectations. The Kansas Corporation Commission was able to shorten the re-registration period by three months."

The portal, also available through Kansas' Web site, helps motor carriers by integrating services from several state agencies. In addition, the portal includes information about the local and federal government agencies that govern the motor carrier industry in Kansas.

Information Network of Kansas