New Rapid 3D Modeling Tool

Solution automatically creates accurate models of urban environments in days.

by / October 18, 2007
Sarnoff Corporation, a leading provider of aerial video exploitation products, has announced the launch of MapIt!, a new software solution that builds precise 3D site models of large urban environments in less than a day.

Leveraging aerial imagery and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), MapIt! both automatically mosaics the collected images and generates a continuous and accurate large-area 3D site model. MapIt!'s rapid and automatic prototyping of sizable regions ensures users, such as military units and intelligence analysts, have critical data immediately, not in months. Current urban modeling can take upwards of 40 to 60 days. MapIt! can render an ortho-mosaic and 3D site model of an 800 square kilometer city in actionable time.

"The rise of military operations in urban terrain has emphasized the need for commanders, troops and intelligence analysts to have an unprecedented level of understanding of an area's surroundings," said Dr. Don Newsome, president and chief executive officer of Sarnoff Corporation. "MapIt!'s ability to rapidly build precise 3D models in days helps to increase the military's situational awareness of an urban environment before boots hit the ground."

In addition to its use by the military, MapIt!'s ability to combine the high-range resolution of LIDAR with the spatial resolution of aerial images makes it the perfect solution for users who need quick site models for activities including emergency response planning, wide area assessments and environmental and planning studies.