Program to Assist the Development of Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

"With automotive manufacturers answering the call to build zero-emission vehicles, we must now support them by fulfilling the necessary infrastructure requirements."

by / January 8, 2009

ECOtality Inc., a developer of clean electric transportation and storage technologies, today announced the launch of the EV Micro-Climate program and challenged policymakers to proactively assist automakers in launching electric vehicles by establishing a suitable charging infrastructure. ECOtality's EV Micro-Climate program is an integrated turn-key program that advances select areas with the needed infrastructure to support the adoption of electric transportation. With nearly every automotive manufacturer planning to make plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric vehicles (EV) publicly available in the next two years, ECOtality urges city and municipal governments to work with utilities and vehicle manufacturers to create an EV Micro-Climate in their area by establishing the appropriate physical infrastructure and regulatory environment to ensure the transition from gasoline to electric transportation is convenient and successful for consumers.

"ECOtality's EV Micro-Climate program will help cities and municipalities establish a public and private alliance that will prepare these areas to support and attract electric vehicles without the complete financial burden falling on the taxpayers," stated Jonathan Read, president and CEO, ECOtality. "We are calling on policymakers to take appropriate regulatory and legislative leadership in assessing and making the needed infrastructure improvements to make their regions compatible for the successful roll-out of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles. Through our extensive work with vehicle manufacturers and utilities, it is clear the successful introduction of electric vehicles will be difficult to accomplish unless the necessary public and residential infrastructure, as well as regulations that promote these infrastructures, are immediately put in place."

Beginning with extensive feasibility and infrastructure planning studies, ECOtality's EV Micro-Climate program provides a blueprint for a comprehensive EV infrastructure system and provides detailed action plans for its successful execution and continued maintenance. The implementation of an EV Micro-Climate includes physical charge infrastructure installations at residential, commercial and public locations. ECOtality will assist with the installation of charging systems in vehicle owners' homes, as well as install fast-charging systems in select locations to provide convenient on-the-go charging opportunities. Working with all relevant stakeholders (including governmental organizations, utilities, automotive manufacturers and local businesses), ECOtality's EV Micro-Climate program ensures an area is prepared for consumer adoption of electric transportation.

"As we have been involved in every major North American vehicle initiative to-date and have installed more on-road charging systems than any other company, ECOtality has the knowledge and experience to make sure the roll-out of electric vehicles is successful for all stakeholders," said Mr. Read. "Unquestionably, there are many environmental, economic and security reasons to adopt electric vehicles, and establishing a sound electric charging infrastructure in advance of the automakers' roll-out is critical for their lasting success. With automotive manufacturers answering the call to build zero-emission vehicles, we must now support them by fulfilling the necessary infrastructure requirements."