Sun Microsystems Kicks Off Company-Wide Mentorship Program for UN Global Youth Summit

Volunteer Sun mentors help youth delegates harness power of technology to address global challenges.

by / October 27, 2006
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has launched a volunteer mentorship program designed to offer business, collaborative and technical skills to delegates at UN's Global Youth Leadership Summit. All Summit delegates will be offered a mentoring relationship with a Sun employee, encouraging the development of these future world leaders by the sharing of experiences, resources and skills. As the sole private-sector partner and technology sponsor for the Youth Summit series, Sun's UN Youth Mentorship Program is part of the numerous resources the company has provided the UN to enable delegate networking and development.

Sun's UN Youth Mentorship Program is a year-long company-wide volunteer initiative that is open to Sun employees around the world, and pairs mentors with delegates to share expertise in areas which could benefit the delegates' home-country projects. Sun and collaborator Triple Creek have created an online platform for matching mentors and delegates and for managing and conducting the mentor relationship throughout the year. For more information, visit .

The program was kicked off with the eight regional chair delegates at the Summit -- ranging from Mexico to Tanzania -- being paired with attending Sun executives, including chief researcher and director of the science office John Gage, and senior vice president of systems engineering, Hal Stern.

"Arming young people with the tools they need to succeed in our modern, networked world is at the core of Sun's business," said Ingrid Van Den Hoogen, senior vice president of brand and global communications. "We are excited to open our support of the UN Youth Leadership Summits to all our employees across the globe so they too can share their experiences to help this next generation of leaders make a real difference in the world."

"Our goal is to offer a strong support system for the young leaders, and the Sun Mentorship Program will build skills and enable them to be more effective in activities to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals," said Dr. Djibril Diallo, director of the UN New York Office of Sport for Development and Peace, which is organizing the Summit.