June 27

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It is a given that high-speed access will be a differentiator for communities interested in attracting or keeping businesses and teleworkers. With the growth of IoT technology in local government, high-speed networks will also be a key component as communities modernize all of their infrastructure. The models for implementation include public-private partnerships (P3s), traditional procurements and community financed models using a bond measure. This webinar will feature two communities that are each putting in broadband infrastructure – one via a bond measure and the other through a more traditional procurement with a regional provider. If you are interested in learning more about the goals and expectations from these two communities, this webinar will offer unique insight into how leaders view the importance of broadband infrastructure and why they chose the path they are on.


Otto Doll

Otto Doll

Chief Information Officer, City of Minneapolis, MN

Jeff Mihelich

Jeff Mihelich

Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins, CO

Dustin Haisler

Dustin Haisler — Moderator

Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Communities