July 13

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For large cities and counties, one of the biggest benefits of the cloud – the simplicity of spinning up new services to meet needs – also presents one of its biggest risks. This risk is the vulnerabilities that arise when agency personnel circumvent central IT to contract for cloud services.

It can be a significant problem. Studies show that non-IT departments deploy an average of 49 percent of services in the cloud and that 72 percent of executives don’t know the extent of shadow IT in their organizations.

Join us on July 13 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern to learn about strategies from your peers on how to successfully manage cloud sprawl and shadow IT.

We’ll talk about:
• What tools can best provide insight into the cloud services employees are using – including secure web gateways, which monitor data traffic, and cloud access security brokers, which impose safeguards on traffic moving from data centers to third-party cloud services.
• How to have conversations and implement policies to ensure employees are getting what they need while reining in cloud sprawl
• How to establish a sound governance strategy for modern cloud practices


Dan Coldiron

Dan Coldiron

Chief Information Officer, Fort Collins, Colorado

Scott Cardenas

Scott Cardenas

Chief Information Officer, Denver, Colorado

Bill Kehoe

Bill Kehoe

Chief Information Officer, King County, Washington

Alan Cox

Alan Cox — Moderator

Executive Vice President, e.Republic