Digital Communities December 2015

Learning to Share: How Cities Are Benefiting from the Sharing Economy

Can the sharing economy have a lasting impact on local government?
Digital Communities September 2015

For the Record: Understanding the Technology Behind Body Worn Cameras

Interest in body worn cameras is growing fast. Here are some issues to consider before you deploy.
Digital Communities June 2015

Scaling Down 311: Customer Service is a 'Core Mission'

Customer service is the leading trend in local government, as residents expect levels in their city or town to match what they get in the private sector. As such, 311 is typically a 24/7 proposition.
Digital Communities March 2015

Digital Communities: Getting Smart about Transit

In a field focused on buses, subways and trains, the role of technology takes on growing importance for transit agencies and their customers.
DC Cover December 2014
Digital Communities December 2014

How Government Can Unlock Economic Benefits from Open Data

Everybody understands how open data makes government more transparent. But the economic value is less clear.
Digital Communities September 2014

Force Multiplier: Police Seek Effective Uses of Technology

Localities can achieve effective levels of public safety through the selective use of technology. But which technologies are having the biggest impact and why?
Digital Communities June 2014

Can We Trust Smart Cities?

Sensors and analytics software are transforming urban centers. We look at the benefits and risks.
Digital Communities March 2014

Bringing Innovation to Procurement

Almost no one likes the procurement process. Here are some ideas for changing it.
Digital Communities December 2013

Rethinking Your IT Workforce

Baby boomers are retiring again. But after years of cuts and hiring freezes, the talent pipeline is dry. Local governments need new strategies for getting the job done.
Digital Communities September 2013

Analytics for Smarter Communities

For local governments drowning in data, analytics offers a way to make sense of it all.
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